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Struggling a bit- still eating too much sugar?

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Hi, I am on day 8 and struggling a bit with cravings. I want a beer because it's been sunny outside, I want some toast, I want  I want I want. 

What I have actually eaten today:

Meal 1- chicken thai green curry soup with sweet potato, spinach, mushroom, courgette in and a banana. There wasn't really enough chicken in there but it was nice and I lasted til lunch


Meal 2- leftover fish stew with lots of tomatoes, carrots, white potato (not much) peppers, onions, salmon and mussels (again, not much fish in there) and an apple and a nakd bar. 

Meal 3- a huuuge salad with watercress, a few raspberries, red pepper, beetroot, 4 smoked mackerel fillets, olive oil and balsamic vinegar....

...followed by an apple and cashew nut butter and some raisins. 

I feel like I binged :/ I had been doing so well and now I feel like I am still not getting a handle on the sugar situation, just replacing chocolate with fruit! I am trying to eat less fruit and more veg but just feel like tonight was going off plan a bit even though it was still compliant :/ 

advice? a hug? 

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Oh yoinks.  First, hug.  Wait.  One more.  OK?  Good.


Yep, your body is going to be craving sugar because you are starving!  Soup (or fish stew) are nice but they are not generally enough.  And as you said, you didn't get enough protein at two of your meals that day. Not sure if you repeated those meals at other days but if you did, totally not enough food!  Were the smoked mackerel fillets like the kind in a can? If so, they are SMALL and you would need more than 4 of them, especially since your previous meals were pretty darned light on protein.


Nutrition is cummulative and it can take quite some time to come back from a meal of low eating, let alone a few meals or even days.  Nak'd bars are approved for emergencies only so until you are in gridlock or lost on a mountain, leave them to the side.  Eat more protein, more fat, more cooked veggies.  Eat!


Recommend not eating fruit alone or fruit with nuts/nut butters or nuts alone. Basically your fruits or nuts should be accents in a meal only, not snacks.  If you are really hungry (and I surmise that you are!), eat protein and fat and some veggies.  Chicken thigh with olives and some snow peas.  Hard boiled egg with mayo and some roasted beets.  Eat food.  Stat.  


One more hug for the road.  Now go!

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Thanks  :unsure:  Um... the chicken soup was leftover from dinner on Wednesday, the fish stew was from last night, so yeah leftover from previous meals. Here's the thing though, I wasn't hungry! I was ok from 8:30-12 and then 12-5:30 ish. This is an improvement as normally I have felt like I need something at 3 ish. 

Nah, the Mackerel fillets were the ones in a vacuum pack so quite bit, not a teeny can. 

The nakd bar was a total 'treat' because I have been resisting them since Tuesday! I think I felt like I was entitled to one by now. Yeah, still got to crack the psychological stuff!  

I have mostly been good at having fruit with meals in small amounts but I knew the apple and raisins and nut butter was me going over tipping point. 

Ok, back on it tomorrow, it's all learning, right? 

Tomorrows plan is:

Meal 1- bacon, 2 eggs, mushrooms, aubergine, maybe sweet potato in there too. 
Meal 2- tuna, homemade mayo, tomato, cucumber and jacket potato
Meal 3- steak, greens, onion etc as a salad. garlic oil on the steak. 

Does that sound better? 

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Yes, it's all about learning.  Undereating causes lack of appetite causes undereating causes....well...you get it. RIght now, don't let hunger be your only indicator, eat per the template every 4-5 hours.


Go lock up the nak'd bars.  The only way to learn not to use food as a reward/treat is to not use food as a reward/treat.  You deserve light and love and good sleep and a healthy body.  No one deserves a nak'd bar.  ;)  I know that last sentence might be inflammatory but I also think you probably get what I'm saying.  


For your breakfast, bacon is a fat and eggs, if they are your sole protein, are as many as you can hold in your hand.  So more like 3-4 or add another protein in there like a chicken thigh or some meatballs or something.


The other meals sound good!  Don't be scared to make them big enough to get you 4-5 hours between.

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I think a lot of those cravings are in my head rather than my body though  ;)


Maybe they are, maybe not -- it can actually be hard to tell. That's why we stress making sure you eat enough -- you might be surprised to find that when you're eating plenty of fat and protein and vegetables that many of your cravings go away, or if they are still there, they're much easier to deal with. All we're asking is that you try it for 30 days and see what happens. 

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