Health spa retreats?


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Is there a health spa/retreat (a la Canyon Ranch,) that subscribes to the Whole30 philosophy/diet?


I would love a week or two vacation, and would happily choose to go to a health spa if only to jumpstart this journey. Being alone does not make it easy, (and I know from years of dealing with weight gains and losses, and health issues - hypothyroid, emergency aorta surgery, pulmonary hypertension,) and connecting online doesn't work for me.


Are there any Whole30-recommended health spa retreats?



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Not at this particular time.   It would probably have to be a 30 day spa retreat for those who don't enjoy any cooking or food prep.  That would be luxurious, lush and elegant.    On Day 31 and waaay beyond, an individual is faced with every day food choices.  


It's not a diet but a food reset.   The head reset you get as you tool along your way is so out bad habits for new thought patterns about food.   Cooking, prep, food portion placement on the plate....all of those things are the springboard for food freedom for the rest of your life.   

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Thanks so much for the responses. 


It seems that it takes about 10-14 days to break bad habits, (in this case, meaning the sweets habit in particular,) which is one reason I think a retreat would be really helpful for me. Also, I don't mind the food prep so much as I mind the fight against food cravings... which I would get past after awhile at a retreat. It's the initial 'getting past'....


And, being on a host of medications now, I don't doubt the side effects of some medications often lead to weight gain. I think it would be nice to have the extra help to determine which one is causing the most grief, and/or how to get past those side effects.  Taking good with the bad....


Meadow Lily makes a great point, too, re: the head reset, the thought patterns that need to be worked through.


Thanks again, folks!

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You might just give it a shot on your own. I found the Whole30 to be very different from any "diet" I had tried. I came into it feeling like a slave to sugar, and also on a host of medications many of which increase appetite, but once I was eating Whole30 foods and composing my meals according to the template, I had almost no cravings.


I also think that in some ways it would be easier to do it alone because you could clear all non-compliant foods out of your house, and you wouldn't have anyone bringing in ice cream that you had to stay out of.

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One of our fearless leaders, Melissa Hartwig, participated in this retreat as a speaker, though I don't know that it was strictly Whole30.


I can imagine with the right set up you could customize a spa experience to be Whole30 if you did your research and communicated clearly with the kitchen.


Though I also want to underscore the incomparable value of doing the work to change your life and habits in your own environment and context with W30. Could you create your own "spa" at home? That might be fun.

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