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Starting July 19th with my Husband!


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Good morning everyone,


My husband and I are going to start our first Whole30 on July 19th, 2015.  I am excited, but not sure my husband is.  He is concerned about sticking to the program.


He works for the BNSF Railway as a conductor and so he works 24/7 and we have to pack his food in a cooler and his trips last about 2 days (or more) with each on duty being 12 hours or more.  He stays in a hotel when not home and may have a small fridge and possible microwave.  He isn't big on re-heating meats and doesn't like the idea of eating canned tuna or chicken all the time.  He currently does not have a car at his away terminal to go to the store for fresh fruit and veggies and the closest store is 10 miles away, so walking is out. 


Any suggestions of any kind would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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If he doesn't like reheating meats, is he okay with eating them cold? Meatballs are okay cold, I sometimes eat leftover grilled chicken or steak cold, especially now that it's summertime and I don't always want to heat stuff up. Precooked sausages/hot dogs are not exciting cold, but could work.


This article might be helpful. 


For other foods that are good cold, check out this post -- not everything listed may be good for travel, but it should give you some ideas.


If he and other railroad employees tend to always stay in the same hotels, he might talk to the hotel people and see if they could do some grocery shopping for him (I know I had to stay in an extended stay hotel for job training once, and it was a service they offered), or if they offer things like continental breakfasts, maybe he can talk to them about making sure there are hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, and maybe ask them about salad or vegetables they might be able to get. 


Bottom line, though, if he's not as committed to doing Whole30 as you are and isn't comfortable putting some work into it, you may just need to accept that while he may be Whole30 at home, he may not be when he's away.

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