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Fergatrons log!


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I had a reset and I'm on day 8/30. This time round I'm going for no coffee. The past week has been hell and I'm having major withdrawals but I'm sticking it out!

Kinda worried though as I'm going through a stressful time and I'm fearing if something knocks me, I'll go off the wagon and eat the evil stuff!

Anyone ever experienced this? Or have any suggestions?

Food for today was:

Breakfast: 4 eggs, steamed with spinach, carrots, radish, peppers, tomatoes in coconut oil. Green tea ro drink and my fish oils.

Lunch: turkey with self made tomato, garlic and thyme sause with tender stem broccoli! Olive oil and water.

Dinner will be: steak and steamed curry cauliflower with avocado.

Getting a bit bored with green tea and water though!

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So I had a reset again (fail) and I've just cleared day 21. I really struggled today and fought off the craving demons, but I didn't give in. I've been getting uber down and my head is killing me. I can't see this being withdrawals as I ate cleanish beforehand!

Though I've seen amazing body composition changes, I feel aweful when I train and I feel tired the majority of the day. Anyone else faced this? Will it pass?

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Day 23

My food today was:

Post workout: wild salmon and squash

Breakfast: 4 egg omelette in coconut oil with sautéed veggies (onion, broccoli, sprouts) it almost didn't all fit on the plate...

Lunch: prawns and tuna salad with cabbage, leeks, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and avocado. Some cider vinegar too.

Dinner: slow cooked chicken and cauliflower with spices. Added spinach afterwards

Water, coffee and green tea to drink. Though I need a new drink... What's rooibos tea like?

Otherwise feeling good :D

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Unbelievably I've rached day 28... I didn't think I'd make it here! I'm not sure if I want to add anything back into my diet as I simply don't miss any of it. I actually want to extend my whole30 longer and try to gain mass through clean eating. I feel amazing..

My performance is booming now and I'm getting body composition compliments! Why would I want this to change?

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Day 30... I'd never have thought I would make it here. Proud is an understatement! I'm going to continue onwards with this way of eating, but I'm upping my calories to try and actually gain some weight.

I feel amazing bar a few stomach issues, but I've came to realise cauliflower and myself don't mix... Looking forward to the winter months!

I've lost about half a stone and a whole load of body fat, from looking at my before pictures. My performance in training is through the roof.. Button strength struggles a bit. I'm sleeping like a log now and my head is a lot more clear.

Happy as hell at the moment :D:D

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Congratulations on day 30. Way to go. I'm interested in gaining and maintaining weight post whole30 as well. All the best. If you log any changes at post whole30 i'll have to watch. Congratulations again.

Thanks! I'll make the effort on my log for my gain whole30. I'm planning on making the most out of the winter veggies that are in season, and a good bit of fat.

Really intreasted on how my body comp will change due to the clean mass gain.. I'm following a pretty smart strength program with reduced conditioning... So I want my numbers to go up on my lifts.

Gonna have to get some dijestive aids :P

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Excellent! Really happy for you.

You going to do a post 30 log?

Here's to massive by Xmas!

I'm not really going off it bar eating more food...30 days of eating more hopefully so I can prep for Christmas :P suppose I could use a post whole 30 for it.

Over the past week I've been slowly upping my food anyways to try and ease into it. At the moment I'm not far off... But it's gonna be a lot of food.

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