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Whole90 maybe 120!


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I finished my first Whole30 on July 3 and began my second on July 5.  I do miss wine and popcorn. Other than that I feel so great! I absolutely love being a fat burner. lol  Workouts have been fabulous. I have so much energy.  Just chugging along. I don't even think about Whole30 anymore.  I just eat healthy foods making my protein the star of the show.  The recipes I have used thus far are the mayo (love), sausage (love), ranch dressing (love), and several from NomNomPaleo. I honestly think I enjoy eating more now than when my diet was full of sugar and carbs.  My family has also enjoyed the things I eat and are slowly changing their habits as I am the main cook in the house.  Got a couple of friends who started July 6.  So far so good.

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