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I'm on Day 28 of my first Whole30.


I felt really good for the first 2 weeks.  No symptoms that were listed - no severe cravings - no desire to cheat. Then in late week three things began to change. It was THEN that I started feeling aggravated and hungry. (Could also have been a combo with PMS??)  Now Day 28 I have a desire to eat a jar of cashew butter. (And by the way- the cashew butter which I'd never even tasted before is now my new weakness. Ugh!)  So i'm concerned that maybe I haven't broken bad habits. Why are these bad urges (is this just the extinction thing arriving out of the blue?) are coming back and will be trouble on day 35ish.


Just wondering best tactic to take to reign myself in.  I definitely have a long way to go in terms of weight loss - and of course have no idea if I actually lost any weight. (I know. I know, its not a diet)  I just want to make sure to arm myself for best success after following this pretty strictly for 30 28 days.

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Cravings are generally a sign that you are not eating enough fat, or not eating enough in general. Cravings this late in the game are also down to your mind trying it's damnedest in a last ditch effort to trick you back into diving nose first into the sugar bowl.

If you'd like to post a few days worth of your food/liquid log along with stress/sleep/activity levels we can take a look and see if there are any tweaks that could be made to see you through to day 30 & beyond....

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thanks - ok - here's the weekend:



breakfast: scramble eggs with kale, handful blueberries, coffee

lunch: leftover turkey chili (whole30 recipe)

dinner: turkey lettuce roll ups with mustard and paleo pesto, 3 small plums



breakfast: egg scramble with kale and tomato, coffee

cherries snack

lunch: fruit salad (was out with not choices) 

dinner: steamed vegetables and steamed meat (hot sauce) - ordered in a restaurant


sunday: 2 poaches eggs with steamed spinach, hot sauce, some strawberries, coffee

cherries snack

steamed shrimp over greens (hot sauce)

cashew butter snack

chicken with coconut milk, sweet potato, kale, carrots

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Yep, you're not eating enough fat, or enough in general - the fact that you are needing to snack confirms this.


Fruit should not be eaten on it's own as a snack as this feeds the sugar dragon and plays havoc with blood sugars. Eat fruit with or as part of a meal only, and if you are genuinely hungry between meals eat a mini meal of protein & fat (& preferably veg).


When eggs are your only source of protein you should be eating as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand which is 3-4 for most people.


Also I don't see any fat (other than egg yolks and I always add another source) in your meals for friday through saturday & right up until the cashew butter on Sunday - your body is craving fat because it clearly needs fat.

Cashew nut butter obviously isn't the best source though, so maybe look at adding home made mayo, or olives, compliant bacon etc to each of your meals, cut out the fruit snacks & take it from there...


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