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My husband is a truck driver so he packs his breakfast/lunch/snacks in a cooler and gets quickly bored with the same routine of hard boiled eggs, veggies, cold chicken/steak/burgers, etc. Any ideas for eating out of a cooler for 12+ hours a day??? He doesn't have access to a microwave so that limits my ideas. And he wants it to be easy to eat while driving, so "finger foods". Ok well that, to me, is hard boiled eggs, veggies and cold chicken/steak/burgers lol. I need some new ideas before he goes back to chips and cookies!!!!

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You can make a great deal of salads that are filling such as chicken salad or tuna salad. Just be sure to fill it with veggies!

asian almond chicken salad-

simple crab salad-

You can add these to a pure wrap( and make a nice little "burrito".

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