who started on June 23rd and is still with it??


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Hi Quadcees!


I started June 22nd and I am still keeping up! Only 5 days left! 


Today is a hard day though... Today was the first day I didn't feel like having eggs in the morning, but anything else didn't seem appealing to me either. Pfff so fed up with salad, and all the animal protein... 


All the other days before this one were great! I had dinner with friends 1/2 of the whole30 days, not a problem at all :)


How are you doing? Still going strong?

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Still going strong! I almost forget what day I'm on which is a great feeling knowing I'm not suffering eating this way. I've had some boredom like you had with eggs but I seem to get over it after I eat. Even though I will be done on the 23rd I will have some tough battles afterwards that I don't want to indulge in and then go back to the way I used to eat...do you worry about what happens after 30 days?

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