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I don't want to eat!

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Hi, all. 


I am on Day 13, and the past couple of days have been rough because I don't want to eat anything. I am forcing myself to eat, but I know I am not eating enough. I swear, the mere thought of eating another egg makes me want to gag. Even my La Croix's (my initial saving grace) don't go down very well. I have had this odd pain in my stomach that sometimes feels like heartburn, other times feels like hunger pains, and still other times feels like a giant gas bubble. 


NOTHING is appetizing, and I am cooking and experimenting with foods, and yet, anytime I think of food, I become nauseated. Anybody else dealing with this and figured out a way to overcome it?


Prior to the Whole 30, I was a relatively healthy eater most of the time, but went completely off the rails on the weekends. I started the program to discover if I have any food sensitivities and to reset my system. I can tell I've lost a good bit of weight, as my clothes are getting looser, and I am slightly worried that I am losing too much, too fast. 


I'm feeling better overall, but praying that I don't have to battle this stomach/not eating/nausea thing for the next 17 days. 


It zaps my energy, and I am so ready to experience Tiger Blood! 



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Okay - this type of symptom is not that uncommon.  Usually we encourage people to try to keep eating template meals until it passes.  However I know that this can be difficult.


Some pointers


Drink bone broth - this will help settle your stomach - if drinking is not an option - make a blended soup with it.

You may benefit from taking some digestive enzymes for a temporary basis.

Starchy veggies - starchy veggies - make sure they are cooked - are easy on the stomach so try to include one in with your next meal.  A fist sized portion preferably.

Scrambled eggs are also easy on the stomach for digestion. (I know - you said no more eggs - but eating them scrambled as opposed to boiled will be easier on your system.

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