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Started Today, 07/13, looking for other athletes.


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Hi everyone! My name is Mike and today was my first day. I'm seriously grain, sugar and artificial sweetener addicted, so this experience should be a great, but challenging opportunity.

I'm also a competitive cyclist, racing at the category 2 level and training 15 to 18 hours per week. That's a challenge too, because I will need way more carbs, not to mention calories, than typical. (Yes, I know about fat-burning adaptation, but bicycle road racing involves lots of repeated sprints and VO2 Max/neuromuscular efforts along with the aerobic efforts typical of distance cycling, running or triathlon, so I hope to get fuel for these from sweet potatoes and lots of fruit.)

Looking forward to giving this my all and extremely optimistic about the potential forthcoming life improvements. Hope to meet others for support and hear from anyone with a similar athletic background to my own. Thanks!

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Welcome!  You might be best served to go check out the Whole30 for Athletes section of the forum if you haven't yet.


The Whole30 doesn't really change for people such as yourself who do intense physical activity as far as the food goes.  We want everyone eating as much as they need in order to get them 4-5 hours between meals, eating pre and post workout meals and not snacking hand to mouth.


As far as fuelling during a race/ride, you will find lots of suggestions in the Athletes section.  

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