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Feedback regarding content with Whole30 Daily


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Just a brief comment regarding the content in the Whole30 Daily, Day 20. While I have immensely enjoyed my Whole30 experience as well as the book, "It Starts with Food," I must disagree with the statement made regarding Cabot Dairy. As an individual with family members who belong to the Cabot Cooperative and source their milk, I was dismayed to see them portrayed as "corporate farming." This calls to mind cows trapped in vast feedlots without access to grass or locked in dark stalls, endlessly being milked. This is simply not the case...my relatives are small scale farmers and while their cows are not strictly grass fed (they do receive some mixed vegetarian feed), they do spend the majority of their day pastured with ready access to water, sunshine and their natural environment. I think the many small to moderate scale dairy farms throughout Upstate NY and Vermont would be dismayed to learn that their hard work as farmers and stewards of their craft are being portrayed as "corporate farmers." You guys are usually solid in your work and while I cannot vouch for every farm in the Co-op, I believe my family member's farm is not the exception in this organization.

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