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I am on day 14 and I am kind of waiting for that "AHHH" moment where I am overcome with energy and can barely contain myself. Maybe it doesn't happen for everyone; but, I want to find out if maybe I am doing something wrong, or could be doing something better. I will note that I haven't exercised much since starting the plan. I went out for a jog early on, and where I am usually spent after two miles, I couldn't even finish one. I felt very defeated. I suppose it is just my body getting used to this new way of eating less-than-everything and not snacking. But it was discouraging.


So; I am curious if I am not having enough of either protein, veggies, or fats. I will try to be as descriptive as possible regarding one of my standard meals for the day. All comments from moderators and non-mods appreciated.


Meal 1: Two eggs, chicken sausage link, 1 cup spinach (cooked), salt/pepper, compliant hot sauce.


Meal 2: 3-4 cups (eyeball) of mixed greens, two carrots shredded with rice vinegar/coconut aminos, compliant dressing, 1/4 avocado, 1/2 cup chicken and homemade mayo (1tbsp)


Meal 3: 2 cups cooked ground beef (eyeball), compliant tomato sauce, roasted brussels sprouts with bacon, salt/pepper


I have not been snacking between meals (praise the lord) and I feel full after every meal. I am also only drinking water (will try to increase) and have, on average, one grande black coffee (sometimes with coconut milk) every day.

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Yeah, I'd say you're not eating enough.

Protein looks okay for meal one, but one cup of spinach is negligible - I'd add a hardier veg in there to bulk it up & aim for 3 cups.

In meal two your mixed greens will chew down to very little so again I'd add a tonne more, I'd probably go for a half an avocado, and a full cup of chicken.

Meal three looks low on veggies to me again - I always aim for three cups.

Food has a cumulative effect on us so if you've been eating to the low end of the template since day one then it stands to reason that your energy levels wold be low by now. You also don't look to be including any starchy veg. The increase in fat & starch will provide you with the energy you are lacking, the increase in protein will sustain you, and the increase in veg in general will give you that nice full feeling...

Hope this helps!

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