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First Whole30 was AWESOME!!!


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I just wanted to take a minute to express my excitement about the results of my first Whole30!  My motivation was mainly to get my sugar cravings under control.  Before Whole30, I was eating generally healthy, but had serious issues with willpower around any kind of sugary food.  Snacks in the breakroom, cupcakes at an office social, binges of cereal after dinner...there was no end to the things I would eat even when I didn't really want or like them.  I had fallen off the wagon of a fairly healthy lifestyle and I needed help getting back on.  


My Whole30 was relatively easy.  Other than the first three days being filled with sugar-withdrawal headaches, I didn't experience any of the typically described "downsides".  But getting close to the end, I also wasn't seeing any real fantastic, earth-shattering results.  My clothes were fitting basically the same (since I don't have much excess weight to lose), I've always slept very well, and that "energy" everyone kept talking about was eluding me.  In fact, I had to cut back on my exercise because I wasn't able to get through with a normal workout.  


And then day 27 hit!  TIGER BLOOD!!!  Amazing!  Waking up after eight full hours ready to take on the world; with a smile on my face!  It's just an overall feeling of excellence!  Workouts are getting easier (hello, energy!!!), my skin and hair are great, and I ended up losing seven pounds!!  I hit day 30 with no problems and didn't think twice about diving right into another 30 days!  How could I mess with something that made me feel so great?!  I'm planning on doing a straight Whole60 and then starting reintroduction.  The icing on the cake would be if this is the month our fertility treatments work and we're able to get started on our little family :)


Many thanks to the folks here who have chimed in with advice and encouragement to me and everyone else on this journey!  Keep it up, folks...it's so worth it in the end!!!

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