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on second day

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I just wanted to get someone to spot check if what i ate the last two days are ok..


Yesterday (first day)

Breakfast- chicken breast and one hardboiled egg with some sliced tomatoes

Lunch-one beef patty, 2 white potatoes (small) and sauted in olive oil spinach/tomatoes and onions

Pre work out - (spin) handful of almost and blue berries

Dinner - Yam and slice chicken breast, one green apple



Today (2nd day)

Breakfast-3 egg scrambled with chicken and peppers

Lunch -same as yesterday

Pre work out- one avacado and one green apple

Dinner-yam and hamburger pattie


Am I on track?

Plenty of water and cammomile tea.


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Okay, a couple of thing for you to work on:

Pre work out aim for lean protein & fat - not fruit. Also, you could up the fat intake two & just go for a postWO meal of lean protein & starchy veg immediatley after your WO and before meal three.

You need to be aiming for at least one cup of veg, but preferably three per meal - fruit should not push veg off your plate. Eat your veg first & then if you're still hungry then eat the fruit.

Don't forget to include fat with each meal - I don't see any - try adding some olives, compliant bacon, home-made mayo etc. Any fat that you cook in tends to stay in the pan & can be pretty much discounted.

Maybe keep your starchy veg to one meal a day & add in some greens/cabbage etc to mix things up a bit & see how you go....

Aim for at leat 1/2 an ounce of water per pound of body weight.

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Are your meals getting you through to the next one without feeling the need to snack or kill someone?


personally, I'd say you're a little light on everthing including the protein and I don't see any added fat.  The meal template asks for 1-3 cups of vegetables per meal, 1-2 palm (width, depth, thickness) of protein and 1-2 thumbs of fat (not including whatever is left in the pan when you cook with it).  I don't know the size of your burger patty, but do you think you're hitting the template with each of these meals?

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I am eating every 4 hours and my hamburger patty is a little bigger than palm size. So since I had my pototoes at lunch should I skip the yam tonight and have spaghetti squash? Fat is hard for me, I looked up the list in the book and I guess I need to get more almonds etc. I sure hope I am doing this right.

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I'd avoid getting more almonds - or any other nuts (they're a poor fat source due to their omega 3:6 ratio) & aim for the better fat souces like fattier cuts of meat, home made mayo, olives, and other cooking fats like tallow, schmaltz, goose fat etc.

Squash is also a starchy veg so I'd mix it up for some power greens & other veg in future but it's fine for today if that's all you've got. Any veg is better than no veg for sure!

You're doing fine - it always takes a few tweaks in the early days....

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