Unexpected results at 30 days


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I've been eating clean for 30 days!! Just a little background info: For 8 years I've gradually eaten healthier and healthier by buying organic, eliminating bad oils, eliminating corn syrup and soda, etc.  But I have still struggled occasionally with yo-yo dieting and I love to eat at high end restaurants :P For about a year now I've been having acid reflux symptoms (metallic taste, waking up with a sore throat, aspirating in my sleep, heartburn) and it started getting unbearable in the last few months. I started the Whole30 as a way to control or cure my horrible acid reflux and hopefully identify some food intolerances.  I followed the basic template with a few tweaks geared toward my own individualized goals.  

Unfortunately, my acid reflux is still present.  It flared up about a week ago (accompanied by major bloating) and is a little better now.  I'm thinking maybe it takes more time.  Last week I eliminated eggs to see if that will help.  Also, I have a history of ovarian cysts that I usually feel when I'm ovulating.  I still felt them this month, but I think that will also take time.  


The Successes:


- LONGER EYELASHES!  It's weird, I know, but one day I noticed them and just figured I had forgotten how long they were because I don't look at them often.  A few days later my husband told me my eyelashes were longer.  It's very obvious to me now.


- Fat loss.  Though the number on the scale didn't change much, my husband and I can both tell that my legs are slimmer and my arms are more defined.  My body composition has certainly changed. 


- Glowing skin.  I still have clogged pores and black heads but no huge zits or breakouts since about the second week.  Even with some clogged pores I feel like my skin has a glow to it that wasn't always there.


-Conquered my protein aversion.  I know this is an uncommon problem, but for as long as I could remember I just couldn't stomach very much protein.  A few bites of meat max.  The first week of whole30 I was wondering how I was going to continue eating so much meat for 30 days.  Then magically after the first week I was able to handle it.  In fact, I actually craved it!  I didn't feel satisfied without it.  That's a huge stepping stone for me!


Like most people, I'll continue to eat this way.  With minimal cheats hopefully.  I figure it's like running - in the end it's easier to just keep going than it is to stop for a break and restart.  So i'll only indulge if I truly feel it's worth it and I'll still attempt to make healthy decisions when I go out to eat.  Besides, the taste of food is so fleeting compared the benefits of feeling in control of your body and food, looking better, and feeling better.  Good luck everyone!  You can do it and you won't regret it!

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I am sorry that you continued to experience acid reflux during your Whole30. Many people experience complete symptom relief. If you shared a report of exactly what you have been eating in terms of our meal planning template, we might be able to offer some tweaks to what you are doing. However, as you note, it may be just a matter of staying with the process longer.


I note that you report that you followed the basic template "with a few tweaks" geared toward your particular goals. It would be helpful to know what you did differently because some adjustments to the program that people make can undermine success. 

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I am 3 weeks into my first whole30 and before I was taking nexium every third day for severe reflux. I haven't taken one since I started and have not experienced any reflux whatsoever. Haven't experienced that for over 10 years.

If I only get one benefit from doing this whole30 . . . well it's been an absolute revelation.

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What is up with the skin changes!! Loving it at day 14. I can't really explain the change but it is like a glow. Do I dare say the skin on my face looks like younger me? Glad you are experiencing it also!

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