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Want to start July 20!


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Hi, I'm Mandy! Married with two kids, and another on the way. I recently discovered Whole30 through a Facebook friend who recently completed 40 days. I read up a bit and I was intrigued! I've been reading It Starts With Food. It's been really helpful and informative. I got the go-ahead (enthusiastic approval, even!) from my midwife last Monday, so I'd like to start the Whole30 very soon! I have lots of worries about it. I'm supposed to go camping next week for three days, but I'm not sure what I'll eat when camping... I'd be glad to get some tips :) 


Also - what kitchen tools would you say are a MUST when doing Whole30? I'm thinking a spiralizer would be really handy, and I'm considering an immersion blender, but is the blender a MUST?



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The immersion blender will make making mayo easier. I use this method. It's also good for blending creamy soups in the pot, rather than having to transfer them to a blender or food processor in batches to blend.


I did a couple of Whole30s without a spiralizer, you could live without it, but it is nice to have sometimes.


The things I use most (some of these you probably already have) are my crockpot, my big skillet, a large cutting board, and a good chef's knife. Also, lots of containers, especially if you do weekly cookups. I do use my food processor and I'm glad I got it, but I got through my first couple of Whole30s without it.


Whole30 while camping has been discussed several times on the forum -- google Whole30 camping to find the past discussions.

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