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I'm starting on July 25


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This is the first writing that I am doing about my first whole30 challenge.  I still have 10 days until I have planned to start, but I am planning planning planning.  



Recently I have gained about 10 lbs, but about 20 lbs in the past year . . . and I was already “overweight” then.  So, my WHY has a lot to do with that, but perhaps even more with knowing that what I have been eating just doesn’t make me feel good.  It’s way too easy for me to not be careful about what I am eating.  I have been a WWer for a long time and when I’ve tried to get back to it, it’s just too easy to not be careful about what I am eating as part of that system either. 



I love all the foods I have been looking at while planning my whole30.  I am not really mourning giving up anything (except alcohol maybe).  I believe that during the whole30 I will be eating more decadently than I do normally.  And I am SO looking forward to just feeling good and well-nourished.



WHY: for the challenge, to feel accomplished, to learn about myself, to feel good physically, to lose weight



WHEN: I am going to start on July 25th (this is mainly because I am going to a concert on July 22 and the plan was to drink…)  This gives me 2 days post-concert to clean up the eating a little and then jump in!  I am chomping at the bit though - I may actually do a practice food-prep day this weekend and start eating paleo next week with official start date of July 25.



WHAT: I’m going to follow the whole30 strictly.  I’ve been researching recipes and methods of food prep.  I’ve purchased some glass food storage containers.  Over the next ten days I’ll come up with loose menus and shopping lists.



I am going to make sure I’m eating away from distractions and really focusing on chewing and eating slowly.  My boyfriend is the SLOWEST eater and I sometimes try to match his speed, but even my strong efforts at slowing down are faster than his normal speed. 



My only exercise goal during the whole30 is to make sure I’m getting 10,000 steps/day during 6 days of the week (my regular day average is 7000).  More exercise is a-ok, but not specifically planned.  I did just get the key to the gym in my complex…..



The final thing I am going to do to carve out this time to focus on my health is to give up facebook.  Instagram is plenty of social media for me.  Facebook is really boring, it doesn’t make me feel good, and I’m super addicted to it.  It’s out for the whole30 days and will be part of my reintroduction.  

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