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3rd day and boy am I.......................

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CRANKY! thought that was day 4 but the sooner to get over this mood the better. Poor people at work. 

So, questions...I am not hungry when it is time to eat...I eat so much more than I did before I am not hungry. Today's lunch was:

Hamburger patty 

1 avacado

2 small white potatoes

and some sauted spinach and tomatoes


It is 530p and I have spin at 630p, 45 minutes of intense cardio. Plan to have a sweet potato and chicken for dinner.


Sound on track?

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How many eggs did you have? What were the veggies, and how much did you have?

What you've stated is obviously compliant, but the composition & size of your meals will have an impact on your mood/energy.


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