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Potatoes Potatoes Potatoes

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Afternoon All,


I have decided that I have a personal issues with potatoes! 


In the past I have eaten Paleo for the most part, and I just cannot get my head around this eating potatoes malarkey! 


I need to lose weight, although this wasn't my reason for starting the program - it was more to do with my relationship with food, however my mentality is that eating potatoes makes me fat and I dont know how to change that?! 


I have been having sweet potatoes with my breakfast as I don't think that I was eating enough, and occasionally with  dinner. White potatoes, I had in a salad the other day and then felt bad about it even though they are compliant!!! 


I just wonder do I really need them, or is there something that I can substitute in that would give me the same nutrients/ filling etc. 


Thanks :) 

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You could live without potatoes. Most people feel best if they have at least a fist-sized serving of some starchy vegetable every day, and people who are very active, who are prone to depression or anxiety, women who are nursing, pregnant, or in the week or so leading up to their period often need more. But you could use any starchy vegetables, and variety is good. Try root vegetables like turnip, rutabaga, beets, carrots, or parsnips; winter squashes like acorn, butternut, or spaghetti squash; Jicama; plantain; or pumpkin instead of potatoes and sweet potatoes if you want.

You might also want to read this article for a little perspective:


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Thanks to you both! 


And Shannon, that article was just what I needed - I have completely lost perspective regarding potatoes and when I now think back to what I was eating/ drinking before I am doing a lot better right now!!! 


Thanks Again.... have a great day  :)

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