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Tummy troubles.

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On day 16 today, but the last few (3) days I have been constipated ,have added prunes to my morning food.

Breakfast is usually a veggie/fruit concoction with almond milk and a bit of protein.

Lunch is a salad and either fish chicken or beef.

Dinner is the lightest meal usually just a salad  maybe a soup ( have a great crab/veggie soup)

I do drink 8 C water a day 2 C green tea and 1 C coffee.

What can I do about my stomach troubles? :unsure:

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I think you are not eating enough. You may not be constipated. You may simply not have much poop because you are eating so little. 


Breakfast - eating a smoothie at all is highly discouraged. You are not helping yourself by drinking your breakfast because the food digests faster than whole foods and throws off satiety signals. You feel full quickly, but it does not last. Also, you almost always overeat fruit when you consume smoothies.


You are eating salad at both lunch and dinner. You almost cannot eat enough salad to get enough food. Salad chews down to little more than some green juice, so there is very little substance to the food. 


You need to scale up what you are eating substantially to succeed doing a Whole30. Study our meal planning template and start eating more. Add starchy veggies to your diet.


How much to eat
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What Tom said. Also you could use more water. 64oz is great if you weigh 128# but if you happen to weigh more than that, up your water intake to half an ounce per pound of bodyweight.

Also note that raw veggies can be difficult to digest so if you are having stomach troubles, try replacing your salads and raw veggies with 1-3 cups of cooked ones per meal.

Please remember that this is not a diet in the traditional sense of the word. We actually want you to eat enough food to properly nourish your body.

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More weird talk but I'm not sure what to do.....Maybe see a doctor.  


I have taken a few Herb-lax by Shaklee at bedtime to have results in the AM for years.  I am not ding this to lose weight or eves abuse.  I am actually taken less that the recommended.   This is an all natural light detoxer/ light lax with senna.  You'll have to google for further idea of what I'm talking about but I said all that to say this......I have always wanted to be regular on my own. Without it a few days go by and then I'll give in for some relief.  I drink lots of green tea, water and watery veggies both raw and cooked.  I do have Shaklee Pre and Pro Biotic but that didn't seem to do much and it had sugar.  I tried it regularly before Whole30 and wasn't impressed.


Any suggestions??  Sorry for the icky subject.

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