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Preparing for October for WholeFamily, especially DH (Tips/Advice)

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Hello everyone!


I am looking for a bit of advice. I posted in the commitment part that we will be doing this in October.


I went through a withdrawl or die-off or whatever you call it before and really, it was AWFUL!!!


I am mainly worried about the husband. He has health issues and he does eat a LOT of sugar and processed foods. He also has a physically demanding job. What are some concrete tips to lessen his die-off? What can we do to help him through this? How can I prepare him for October?


Also, any tips for the littles (5, 2, & newborn) as well as a new nursing momma.


Thanks everyone!

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Begin shifting from sugar and processed foods to real, whole, fresh meat, veggies and fats between now and October. Be sure to eat starchy veggies every day during the Whole30 as this helps with energy levels. By the time October comes, your husband should be less sugar dependent. :)

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