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Tired! Day 6

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On Day 6 of my second whole 30. I really haven't been sleeping great and I have trouble during workouts that previously I was flying through.

Typical meals:

M1: chicken sausage with broccoli and olive oil mayo and coffee with coconut oil

M2: 2 salmon cakes, salad with olive oil/balsamic

M3: meatballs, salad with olive oil/balsamic and potato salad

M1: 2 salmon cakes with olive oil mayo, sautéed Brussels sprouts coffee with coconut oil

M2: chicken thighs with celery and olive oil mayo, potato salad

M3: meatballs, sautéed broccoli and potato salad

Any ideas to get sleep and hopefully energy for workouts. I normally workout 1 hour 4-5 times a week and this week I'm struggling to get in 3 workouts.

I'm not hungry in between meals and as for the pre-workou meal I have had a chicken thigh with avocado or olive oil mayo before my 2 workouts however I can barely get through. I skip the post workout meal as after I workout I eat dinner.

One good thing is I'm not craving sugar as strong so very happy about that.


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You seem to be  including enough starchy veg in the form of potato salad but I'm wondering if you might need more - some folk do. You may also benefit from adding more fat.

Is your WO between meal two & three? If your WO is intense you could benefit from a few bites of a lean protein immediately upon finishing followed up by your meal three shortly after.

Are you drinking at least a hlaf an ounce of water per pound of body fat?

Sleepwise you might consider adding in a magnesium supplement.

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Thanks jmcbn. I drink more than the required amount of water. I forgot to add that. My workout is a bar routine where you work your entire body to failure for an hour. My workout is between meal 2 and 3 so I will try bringing food to eat immediately. I'm trying not to eat too much in the form of potatoes but this week I bought sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash and see if different carbs help. I really don't want to take anything to help me sleep so I will up stuff first and see. Thanks so much!

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