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My Whole 30 Lessons!

Christine Brock Bloch

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Today is day 29.. so I am a little early, but I have no intention of falling off the wagon tomorrow.. or even on day 31 or 50. I learned so much from this experience. I am newly married and shortly after our wedding, we moved cross country for his job. I found myself having a hard time finding a job therefore meeting new people.. so I started cooking and baking. My 4th batch of triple chocolate chip cookies (it was ok, they were healthy because I used whole wheat flour.....) I decided I needed to focus on something else.. like being more healthy. I knew not finding a job (I am a teacher and I love my job) was really hard for me and my feelings were being expressed in chocolate. I ordered the book and the next day I gave my husband the news.. we are going whole30!

It was the prefect time, because I could prep all the meals so I was still having fun during the day. I do enjoy cooking. Pretty soon, this Whole30 became natural. We even went on a long weekend to visit friends... we brought our own food!

Here is what I learned:

I don't need a drawer full of chocolate to get me through a day

I feel better when I am upset if I workout or go for a run. It helps me way more than chocolate, beer or wine.

I don't need to pasta or bread to feel full.

When I don't eat grains, legumes, dairy, or sugar, I never get the uncomfortable full feeling and have to unsnap my jeans.

I like frozen blueberries.

I like banana ice cream.

I love eggplant parm. with farm fresh meat hold the cheese and pasta.

A salad can be made a thousand ways.

Homemade mayo and ranch taste so much better.

When you eat out, you are putting your health in a stranger's hands. You have no idea what your food is being cooked it. Ask a million questions and send food back until it is right.

I don't feel bad for me because I can't eat dairy, sugar, grains, legumes. I feel bad for others who don't know what real food is.

My clothes fit better.

I wake up feeling a little less groggy.

I have enjoyed these last 29 days immensely.

Coconut milk is amazing!

I don't want to depend on food for happiness or for comfort.

I don't mind spending all day Sunday prepping food for the week.

It isn't really that hard to say "no".

Whole30 food gets nasty if you don't use it fast!

You can make an amazing birthday tart with date fudge, blueberries, strawberries and whipped coconut cream.

I don't get "hangry" (hungry + angry).

I enjoy talking to others about eating healthy and want to inspire others.

I will set a good eating example to my students.

Bottom line:

This was an amazing adventure to go on! I did find a job. I started on Thursday (2 weeks after school has already started) and I will continue to eat this way with limited treats in my life.

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