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Cholesterol Success


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I've been trying since May 1st to put together 30 consecutive days, but I have had four instances where I cheated and restarted. I'd been feeling guilty and like my efforts might be for naught until my yearly check-up yesterday. My cholesterol numbers were all fabulous (after spending the last year reluctantly on meds and just kind of maintaining). My HDL numbers were so good that there was a notation on my lab work to note that I am actually at a negative risk for coronary heart disease. I had to look up the ATP-III Guidelines to understand what that meant, and it says I actually subtract a point from my overall risk factor tally for having an HDL number that is 31!!! points over the recommended minimum for HDL. My doctor sent me out with a copy of my labs and an instruction to put them on my refrigerator and keep doing what I'm doing. I know now that however long it takes me to reach 30 consecutive days I am making important strides toward long lasting good health.  ;)

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