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Dear Scale, IT'S OVER!

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Hello everyone,

Today I had a reality check. I am on day 25 of "Whole30" and this morning I stepped on the scale.....for the fourth time in 25 days. Because I had deluded myself into thinking, clearly the rule about not weighing yourself doesn't apply to me.


When I stepped on the scale like I had done diligently and faithfully since age 10, something inside me snapped. Indeed I had a total deficit, but I was up 2 pounds from the last weigh-in. I was a little heartbroken. I considered skipping breakfast. I considered discontinuing my weekly strength training that makes me feel alive, awake and amazing (muscle weighs more than fat after all). I considered binging on sugar to comfort myself like I'd done so many times before. 


I thought about all of the amazing benefits I've experienced on this life-changing journey. Clear skin, better sleep, more energy.


And then I did something completely crazy--or sane, depending on how you look at it. I brought my scale to the garage, took out a sledgehammer and busted the thing to smithereens. Man did that feel good. 


I am so done with my addiction to the scale. I am done obsessing over 3 numbers on the scale. And I am ready to commit to an ACTUAL Whole30.  Because my numerical reflection of my relationship to gravity can't POSSIBLY capture my inner beauty, my zest for life and any legitimate measure of my health and well being. I am so excited to start over and I wanted to share with you all!  :)


Dear scale, IT'S OVER! I'm out of your league anyways. :D


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Good for you! I imagine that must have felt so freeing.

I'm only on day 8 of the program but found not having to weigh/measure every morsel I eat then log it into an app has actually made meals less stessful.

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