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Starting July 18th


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After a few weeks of reading the book, contemplating this change and what it means, I have decided that tomorrow is the day. I decided on this day about a week and a half ago. I am not fully prepared meal wise (shopping day is tomorrow), but I did go out and get necessities to get me through 2 meals tomorrow until I can get everything I need. I had meant to go shopping today, but three kids including a fussy newborn and a rainy day made it very difficult. 


I have spent most of my life overweight. I have done restrictive diets before and when I am in the mindset, I can rock them big time. So, I am not concerned that I cannot do this challenge. I know it will be hard. Very hard. If it were just me, I know I could manage it. However, I am a stay at home mom and I have four kids and a husband (and four animals). So, my days are busy. 


But, I realize that change is hard. And challenging. And I am ready. I enjoyed my last cup of coffee today, and a few other things that I am ready to say goodbye to. 


I've been craving a new outlook on food. I get so bored with my meals I make, or I go to sweets as a comfort/stress reliever. I know the cycle and found myself nodding as I read the book. I know the cycle of consume/feel better/guilt so well. And I am ready to be done with it. 


I've tried out a few meals here and there that were Whole30 compliant and realized that it's not going to be THAT bad all the time, once I get past the first two weeks of withdrawal. 


I found Whole30 by searching on the internet if low carb was safe for nursing moms. I have a three month old who nurses exclusively. My last two babies, i was never able to go back to the South Beach Diet way of eating while nursing, and if I can't restrict completely, I have a lot of control issues. 


The Whole30 has been exactly what I am looking for. It gives a way to follow it and nurse. Yes, I want to lose weight on this. That is a major goal of mine. But it is not the only goal. I want a better relationship with food. I want to consume food I can pronounce. 


I also see what my laziness in the kitchen has done to my kids. While they eat relatively healthy meals, I got into the rut of getting candy too often when we go out to the stores, or them wanting to eat bad foods when I do. Or drink a soda when I do. 


This is NOT what I want for my children. So, I've also decided that after my initial 30 days, and when I find myself into a good routine, I will then begin to phase things in for them too. I want my children to enjoy good, healthy, simple and delicious food. And not want a soda. Not be out of control on sugar binges. I am not proud of my food laziness, and I am ready to change it. 


I look forward to this challenge, and will find myself reading that timeline in the book often as I know my brain's powerful manipulation techniques will become very strong when I start really feeling the withdrawal from the process, sugary foods I've consumed for far too long. 


I hope to find much support here, and to give it in return as I reach success in this challenge. 



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