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Still bloated and constipated

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First off, I have had "slow transit colon" issues for years. My mother fed me laxatives like candy when I was a child. The only thing that makes me go is either a laxative or Linzess, which I've stopped taking since I started this program. I did have to take milk of magnesia a couple times for some relief.

I am on day 7. I've lost weight but still have pretty significant tummy bloat and lack of bowel movement. I'm assuming it's something I am eating, or maybe it will just take me a lot longer to "reboot" my system since I've suffered with the issue for so long.

Yesterday, for example, I ate:

Breakfast: a probiotic, 2 digestive enzymes, coffee with coconut milk, 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, half of an avocado, and mixed greens.

Lunch: 2 digestive enzymes, a salad with garden tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers and a homemade Italian dressing with oil and vinegar, and a handful of almonds because I didn't have any meat to put in the salad.


Dinner: 2 digestive enzymes, Ground chicken and zucchini patties fried in coconut oil, served over mixed greens with an avocado.


I also ate a handful of almonds as I was cooking because I was pretty hungry. I drank approx. 100 oz. of water throughout the day.


This morning for breakfast I didn't feel like cooking so I ate a banana, a handful of almonds, and drank coffee with coconut milk. And took a probiotic and 2 enzymes. I ate 2 hours ago and am more bloated than when I woke up.


I'm guessing someone will suggest that I cut out eggs, tomatoes, peppers, and nuts to see if that makes a difference. Those are all the things I eat most often! I have a hard time coming up with meal ideas that don't sound disgusting. Also, I am wondering if taking Linzess will screw up my bacteria and enzymes and whatnot? I stopped taking it because I didn't want to alter the results of the program. Should I start it back up again? Or what would be the suggestion for constipation? If I go more than a few days without having a BM it gets very uncomfortable/painful and it makes me nauseous.

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It's the nuts that are giving you fits.   If you'll eliminate all nuts for awhile, as they are not to be used as the primary source of fat....your tummy probs will lessen.  There's little protein in your meals and nuts are not protein but a fat source.



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Ideally you would not snack at all because you are eating enough at your meals to keep you satisfied. You could drink a cup of herbal tea if you need to do something with your mouth.


A better portable snack would be a can of tuna. Snacking on nuts, nut butters, or fruit is generally counter-productive and a bad habit. 

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I will try cutting out the nuts and see what happens. Thank you for the advice! Any thoughts on what to do for constipation without ruining gut progress? Should I start back up on the Linzess? Take a laxative? Or just deal with it and wear baggy clothes for awhile to hide the bloat?

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The nuts will definitely cause digestive distress, as will raw veg like peppers and cucumbers. Many folk also report that they have issues with coconut oil/milk particularly when theyare eating more than they are used to.

Your banana this morning probably didn't help matters either as it is known for it's 'binding' qualities.

You could try being as active as possible, ensuring you're drinking enough liquid, and also try sitting in a squat position for a minute or two as this can encourage a BM.... also when you are using the toilet try raising your ankles so you're on your toes, and lean forward, placing your elbows on your knees.... 

And if all else fails try a magnesium supplement/laxative.

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