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Started today July 18th

Camille P.

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Today was day one! This is my 2nd whole 30. I did it last year and added a few things back in but stayed on track for a few months. I felt great and lost my sugar cravings. Then with some unexpected diagnoses in the family, along with a couple of injuries messing up my workout routine, I got bummed and...ATE. Gradually I let things slip back in and found myself back to overeating on sugary salty stuff and gaining weight and feeling like crap. Sooo, last night I decided I had enough and signed up for the Whole 30. I subscribed to the daily emails this time and I like the first 2! I like the idea of getting to report at the end of the day that I did it and get to "check" the day off. I'm hoping to break my sugar cravings, build up my immune system (I've been battling a cold/allergy thing for like a month and when I was eating healthy paleo before I barely ever got sick), and hopefully help accelerate the healing process in my body too--achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and impingement in my shoulder, and reinforce the physical therapy and workouts I'm doing. And to lose some of the belly fat I've gained!

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