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Starting July 20th, would love feedback on best tasting brands & emergency meal ideas


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I am starting whole30 on Monday but need to shop to restock my kitchen. I know brands tatse different so what is everyone's must have items or favorite fast fix? I also have a child with chronic medical issues so we may end up in ths hospital unexpevtedly & would love ideas for my "whole30" emerygency road kit.

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Brands are tricky, since we have learned that ingredients vary by region and can change.  No matter what, you always need to read (and re-read) ingredient labels, to ensure compliance, even on products you've previously purchased.


You might find this Whole30 what's in your cooler article helpful for your emergency kit. 

On my favorites fast fix:
- canned chicken or canned salmon (currently use Trader Joe's brand) used to make chicken or salmon salad with home made mayo and celery. Microwave a sweet potato on the side
- Applegate hot dogs with compliant dijon mustard and Bubbie's sauerkraut on the side
- Sardines and sauerkraut

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