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Power in numbers - starting July 19 - Wanna join me?


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Today marks the first day of the rest of my life and I am wondering if anyone wants to join me in this journey of finding food freedom. Now for a little bit about me:

* I live with chronic pain from an unknown cause (I have been to so many doctors over the years with no actual diagnosis, just a whole bunch of abnormal test results that make no sense)

* I am obese according to my BMI

* I am 29 years old

* I also on a bunch of meds for mental health problems

* And most importantly, I am looking for a change to become who I have the potential to be. I want to live longer, and feel better while I am at it. I'm not expecting it to be a quick and easy fix, but I have hope that these 30 days will give me a kick start to be the best me I can be

And if you can relate to wanting a change or any of the challenges I face feel free to let me know, and we'll be able to get in on this together


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I started today, too.  I'm going solo although my husband and son are going to eat Whole 30 for dinner because I'm the one that cooks!  I am looking to make Whole30 friends for support and encouragement during this month and it sounds like you are, too.  I am overweight and would like to lose some pounds and slim down.  However, I also want to have more energy and not feel so tired/rundown all the time.  I also have a chronic cough that the dr. doesn't know how to remedy, constant phlegm, and pretty constant shoulder pain.  I am also on meds for depression and anxiety.  


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