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Reintroduction of Dairy

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I had been missing cheese the most so I decided to start with that on my reintroduction. I've had cheese with a few meals since July 16th, one meal with sour cream and a few bites of ice cream. Any time I had a meal with any dairy not long after I could really feel the weight of it in my stomach. It didn't really cause an upset stomach or bowel disruption but it's enough that it's a bit of a discomfort.  During my Whole 30 basically everything sat pretty well with me. Felt good after my meals, not overly full or any discomfort or disruption of any kind. So, I guess dairy will be something I have minimally in the future. I've also noticed that I feel hungry a good bit faster than I was before. I'm not sure why. My meals are all the normal Whole 30 compliant meals just with the addition of cheese.  I'll be going back on plan for another week then I will try to reintroduce grains. See what happens there. I'd like to actually be able to occasionally eat the homeade breads and tortillas and things that I make. Also, when I ended I found that I had lost 17lbs and 5 inches in total. 2.5 were from my waist.

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