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Day 9 Needing some encouragement...please.


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Encouragment and a swift kick in the pants please. ...


my husband and I are on day 9 and it's going really well. I love to cook. We are both seeing so many positive changes this week. Clothes are looser, sleep is amazing, we are managing the cravings and making good choices day by day. I really am feeling confident that we are finding our stride.  I mean seriously- this is the first change like this we've made that we are really seeing the results.  


    Enter the hottest freaking summer in the Pacific Northwest. We don't have air conditioning- rarely need it, for the occasional heat wave we have in August.  But this summer it started in June!!! We had a cooler week which helped. But yesterday and today is low 90's. I grew up in the midwest. I know the heat and low humidity here is NOTHING compared to the heat and humidity elsewhere gets on a regular basis. But when you are acclimated  it's absolute miserable, despite ceiling fans, open windows, big fans, little fans, ice water... etc.


 Last week I prepped for the Whole30, I chopped veggies, I meal planned, it went well, we both had plenty for lunch.  I felt confident going into this week. We did our shopping last evening.  It's not for lack of preparedeness. It just happens that the one "prep heavy" day on top of fixing a meal falls on a VERY HOT DAY. Today is my freaking prep day.  Lunch would have been an non-issue but the Costco rotisserie chicken did not appear compliant, so we didn't get one yesterday.


Today broke me... it's just too freaking hot to cook 3 meals. We have a grill, but the sun exposure in our yard is 100% well into the late evening. 


After cooking lunch I just got so freaking frustrated. I was too hot to even enjoy it.  So I'm hot, hungry, and still have one more meal to cook this evening.   I just want to eat a cold watermelon and drink an iced tea. 


How do I know Whole30 is working? Because I don't even crave the garbage I would eat out of convenience on days like this.  I don't crave the cold sodas, or sugary foods.  Why the heck does that add to my frustration? Lack of easy options I'm assuming?


Am I jacking up my Whole30 if all I eat for lunch is mixed greens, a pear and a spot of almond butter? Because that's like all I have the energy to stomach.  I worry because that's why I'm here. I have a tendency to NOT eat a lunch or breakfast or both and that really jacked my system up over the years. 


We pretty much took eating out at a restaurant off the table (no pun intended)- while we are in the Seattle/Tacmoa area- trying to find something adaptable at the restaurants we do eat at just seemed like too stressful situation to put ourselves in. possibly setting ourselves up to cheat. But the weekends are the one time we would pick to eat out at least once.  



Phew! I feel a little better- typing that out. 


I AM determined, my husband is just as much so. It's just a bit too discouraging today.  I'm not going to eat crap, but worried not eating will be just as bad.  I don't want to fall into my old habits. 



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Can you get some compliant canned tuna, salmon or chicken for these situations? With compliant mayo and celery, you've got a quick protein salad. Hard boiled eggs work here too. Microwave some sweet potatoes and you have a full meal.

Sardines and sauerkraut are another option.

Applegate farms hot dogs (take 5 minutes to boil) is another easy hot weather protein. Elsewhere on the forum today, someone made cole slaw with cabbage, chopped apple and sunshine sauce: http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2009/07/21/sunshine-sauce/

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Yes- definitely after today. Ah... the incredible edible egg. . Funny story.  We ran out of eggs after breakfast. I had planned to make more mayo today, ended up under-estimating our egg use by a dozen (I get local organic eggs delivered on Wednesdays though a local dairy) so I am out of the mindset to pick them up at the store last evening. HA!!! Never again.  I thought I was prepared- we love the apple-chicken sausages and stocked up on those. But those still require some effort. I need to seriously think harder about canned items like the ones you suggested. Items with NO heat required-just mixing,  or at most- nuking a sweet potato.  


Or looking ahead at the weather.... and plan accordingly...geesh.  I feel better now- was only able to stomach some of the greens, a pear and almond butter. Not ideal. 


  Day 9 is an accomplishment though. No way am I giving up now. It's not rocket science.  smh

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