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Hi Everyone, I'm new here, but I'm on day 12 now.  Feeling good!  It's not helping with my health issues yet, but I do feel clean!

It was so hard in the beginning to feed the rest of my family and not eat what they were, but now hubby occasionally joins in eating salads or soups, and by now I don't even want all that other stuff (well, for the most part anyway)!  So glad I found this book!

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Hello! I'm new also. I started my Whole30 journey on July 6. So far I've taken to it like a duck to water. Had been trying to "diet" the month prior, and I guess that helped me not to have the cravings, etc., that many speak of when starting. My family members are opposed to healthy eating (lol), so my biggest difficulty so far has been cooking multiple meals. It gets old and aggravating. Once I get over the learning curve (cooking foods I've never tried), I believe it will get better. My daughter ate kale chips and liked them. My husband has actually begun trying some things. Small steps.

I am feeling clean too. My health issues are chronic in nature. I don't expect to see a palpable change any time soon. Again, small steps. I assumed going into it that I would be one of those Whole60 or Whole90 folks. Right now, I'm relishing being in the "zone" , as I like to call it. My mind is set and my resolve is strong. However, My issues will crop up 5-6 months down the road. It will be interesting to see what difference this lifestyle change will have then. Will I fall off that proverbial wagon and succumb to my sugar addiction? Or will I stay strong?

Anyway, here's wishing you much success!

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