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checking in on day 6


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I am about to turn in at the end of day 6, but thought I would check in for a little support. My husband participated in a weekend long golf tournament this weekend that consisted of parties on the evenings of my days 4 and 5. I was faced with alcohol, appetizers, pizza, desserts, etc. I planned ahead and ate a whole30 compliant meal before going to each event, and managed somehow to get through without a single break from the rules. Patting self on back for that. Today, however, was a different story. I don't know what happened, but I was grouchy and irritable, and all I could think about was having some of the jalapeño pimiento cheese and pita chips in my fridge that I'd put out for my hubby and his buddy. I wanted a coke zero. I wanted oreos. wrestled with these thoughts for a couple of hours. Finally begrudgingly ate something on plan, and moved on. It was a rough few hours. I'm ok now though. It just surprised me that after I held on and stayed string with all of that temptation staring me in the face, that today would be so hard. Oh well. Moving on to day 7.

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