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Heather's Whole30


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Hi everyone!


I am currently on day 5 of my first Whole30 and I am amazed at the changes I'm starting to see and the willpower I've been able to have. I currently am working in a rural part of Vermont and I have 7 roommates who are definitely NOT following the Whole30 rules to any degree. I thought at first that it wouldn't be worth it to start now because of the temptations that surround me but I know that I have an unhealthy relationship with food that contributes a lot to that voice in my head. There is no "right" time for me. The other nine months out of the year, I am a graduate student with two jobs. This is about ME this time and how I feel. Not about the scale. I don't even have one to be a slave to anymore.


So far, food tastes better. I have a clearer mind. I am more alert and not so cranky in between meals. I don't feel like I need a drink in my hand to have a good time. I am shocked at how quickly this happened for me. I expected to be angry and frustrated this first week but I feel amazing. 


I'm looking forward to long term changes in my depression and anxiety, my weight, my PCOS and acne. 


Let's do this!



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