Supplement purchase without medical professional?


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The Whole30 Supplements list in the Appendix (p. 405) lists a couple of supplements (the probiotics from Klaire Labs and the multi-vitamin from Pure Encapsulations) that state on the web sites you need an access code from a medical professional. Both companies state that the products should not be purchased from a third party and even if I find the product on Amazon several reviews state that the probiotics have been shipped without insulation or ice pack. How are these "..all available to the general public (without going through a medical professional)."

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I wasn't aware that there were issues with ordering these supplements from Amazon--I've bought my Nutrient 950K from that site in the past. These are the best supplements we can recommend for our readers, but if you need to go through a health care provider to buy them, you may have to find a local naturopath or FM doc to help you procure them.


We can work on a list of recommendations that are available to the public as well. I'll ask one of our most trusted consultants (a functional medicine doctor) to help me do that.




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