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Ready to start and totally out of my element!


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Hi Guys!

My name is Chantel, I live in Saskatoon, Sk in Canada. The Whole 30 was recommended to me by my Crossfit coach as I haven't been feelin well.

A little back story... I was diagnosed with IBS when I was a teenager and when I had my second child it went from IBS to full on Colitis during my pregnancy. I tried different medications for about 9 months after his birth before I ended up having emergency surgery to remove my whole colon. SInce then I have been relativley healthy (in respect that food generally didnt bother me) I had never worked out before in my life until this past October (2014) when I decided to get fit and joined a Crossfit gym! I love it and I love my community there... but the last few months I have been quite ill when I eat just about any food, I cant even run as the up and down motion causes such pain and bloating in my upper abdmonen for hours and hours. Not good! So enter the whole30 here.

Today is my first day, so far so good but I am so lost as to what ingredients on a lable are ok and are not... I know sulfites are bad bad bad! But what about when it just says "spices," or sodium phosphate, dextrose, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitraite, smoke... this was just an example off of a package of sausage I have here!.

TO be honest I have never really managed my diet other than trying to eat less sugars, chips and such and more veggies and fruit!

I really want to commit to this but am afraid as I don't really know what to cook or what not to cook at times...

Or if my vitamins and Omega's have any bad ingredients


On that note, any help would be fabulous and good luck to everyone doing this! You can do it!!!



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Hi Chantel,


Check out all the links in my signature below, the Downloads list  (in particular the Common Additives list & the Sneaky Sugars list) and the Manifesto series.


If you can get the book "It Starts With Food" it'll give you all the science behind the program.  The "Whole30" book will give you more practical carrying out information.  But everything you really need is available for free online.

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