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Day 19 still having ibs troubles :(

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I am in a bit of a quandry about what to do next as my ibs is still causing problems (although it is a bit better).

Today I had sloppy poo in the morning which is normal for me. Still waiting for proper poos! and then my tummy was gurgly all day and got worse after lunch which was leftover chicken curry (chicken, tomatoes, courgettes, carrots, peppers, onion and spices) and bombay potatoes (white potatoes, onion, turmeric, fennel and mustard seeds) and my energy levels plummeted.

this aspect of my ibs feels different to if I have dairy which I already know is a problem for me. If I have dairy I get painful trapped wind, bloating and then acidic smelling diarrohea in the morning. This isn't painful just unsettling and has subsided about 4 hours after eating lunch.

Anyway- what now?

a) carry on as normal to day 30 then review while keeping an eye on symptoms in the remainibg days.

B) cut out all FODMAPs? I know there was onion and garlic in there today. I also already know I have difficulty digesting cruciferous veg unless it's cooked really well.

c) cut out nightshades- there were tomatoes and potatoes, peppers and chilli in the curry.

d) cut out eggs- I dont think they a a problem but I am eating some every day really so they might be?

e) cut out everything and exist on carrots for the next 11 days :P

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the possible contributing factors and getting disheartened that I am getting nowhere. Not sure where to go from here :'(

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I would maybe suggest on going with the low FODMAP protocol.  


Also how are your stress levels - stress can exacerbate any IBS symptoms.


FYI - I am both low FODMAPish and follow AI to a certain degree.  Low FODMAP is for my IBS type symptoms and AIP is for the joint inflammation, and multiple autoimmune skin conditions that I have.

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Hi there,


It's actually pretty straight forward. 


Find the whole 30 low FODMAP list here: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-shopping-list-FODMAP.pdf


Items in blue are the best choices, avoid the items in grey.


I went low FODMAP for about 6 weeks.  I then re-introed some of the grey item foods - and went with the information that gave me.  So Apples, broccoli and mushrooms are items that I can eat but not everyday - think maybe once or twice a week.  Beets and Asparagus bloats me - but I enjoy it so I will eat it once and a while.  Cauliflower, avocado, and watermelon are out.  Just because they all give me extreme bloating pregnant looking belly for a few days. Onions and garlic I need to be careful with.  They are usually my loose stool culprits.   I love garlic and onions and was at one point putting them in everything. But now I limit them to sauces that need it, and soups that need it.  Also I have found that regular cabbage gives me horrible bloating and some stomach pains but I am okay with Napa Cabbage.  


I needed to do low FODMAP because I was very, very stressed.  And IBS type symptoms which were mild before just got too severe for me to stand. 

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Thanks, that's really helpful :) and I am reading your experiences and going 'yeah!' a lot. Raw apple gives me wind/burps! I think watermelon made me bloat on Saturday! and I already know about the cabbage/broccoli/brussels sprouts etc...

So, if you did the low Fodmap thing for 6 weeks, how did that fit in with reintroduction? or did you just extend your whole30? I am really looking forward to a glass of wine, rice and lentils! So hoping you aren't going to say carry on for another 6 weeks!

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During this time I was doing a more relaxed whole 30 - so sugar in sausage and bacon, and when I went out to eat I didn't worry that much - basically stayed as complaint as possible but did not stress over things.  So it wasn't super strict but I was avoiding all FODMAPs if I could. The way I eat normally closely resembles whole 30 but is not a whole 30.  It's a WholeCarla  :P


I tend to do slow roll types of re-intros, but I make mental notes on what affects me.  At one point I was keeping a journal (prior to going low FODMAP) because I was trying to pin down on why I was feeling so bloated and why going to the bathroom was not giving me the relief that it should.  I did know I was going through a stressful time and that was contributing, but as far as I knew I was eating well.  


Also make sure all your veg is cooked.  This will help calm your system down as well.

Make sure to include bone broth, or broth based soups - fantastic for calming down your system.

Ginger and/or mint teas - also great for calming down a digestive system


To answer your question - I would continue as long as it takes for your system to calm down.  Once it calms down and your whole 30 is over - start on re-intro. My first whole 30 I extended it by 15 days as I noticed I was 10 days behind the timeline.

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at the minute I am feeling like it will never calm down though and what if it's aggravated by something that is compliant but I personally can't digest? I think I need to get to a point where my digestion is ok/ pretty good so that I can notice a change when I reintroduce stuff but just hoping it gets to that point by day 30-ish.  Just feeling a bit down and self pitying about it at the minute, I thought I had cracked it and then got the flare up again yesterday. 

Ok... positives! I have been fine today and did an almost solid poo! wow! (loving all the toilet talk!) and although I  am still getting bloating/ gurgling some days they are becoming less often and I am not getting the painful trapped wind at all. I think I was hoping for too much in just 30 days (and only 19 actually done) I have eaten quite a few eggs today, maybe 4 and have been fine, so it's not eggs! yay! 


Right, onwards. 

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Just reading the list- are 'beets' = beetroot? (I'm in the UK) and not like leafy green beets? bet they are and I blimmin love beetroot. bum. 


Yes, beets should be the same as beetroot. Have you tried the Belly Dance Beet Salad? So good! Beet greens are also compliant.


I should really read the whole thread before I answer -- just ignore that recipe and carry on. I missed that you need to be avoiding beets...

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Yes - Beets = beet root.


I luuuurve beets too.  I was kind of sad to give them up as well.  But when I re-introed them they left me only a bit bloated.  Not enough for me to completely give up.  So they are in rotation for a once and while veg.  


Basically what FODMAPs are: fruits and vegetables that contain certain types of carbohydrates (aka: sugars) that some of us just have a difficult time digesting and breaking down in our digestive tract.  FODMAP means: Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides And Polyols.

Here's a great article from Chris Kresser on the subject:  http://chriskresser.com/fodmaps-could-common-foods-be-harming-your-digestive-health/

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Yes. Beets = beetroot, which makes me sad because they're my favorite.

I had a huge, scary digestive flare-up last week, and I've been doing low-FODMAP (and super-boring) food ever since. Things are slooooowly improving. As in, I was still really bloated at the end of the day yesterday, but no pain. Diarrhea this morning, but no pain.

Everything I read about my various health concerns all say the same thing: patience. It takes six weeks, six months, eight months, two years... But things do resolve. I have yet to read someone's story and have it go, "I ate mostly Whole30 for two years and nothing changed." The change always happens, just not quickly.

In the meantime: bone broth, omega-3s, as little stress as possible. That's where I'm starting, anyway.

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Well, I'm a teacher, so lots of stress! but it's the holidays now so I am at least relaxing for the next few weeks :) 


Lol, Shannon! maybe I'll try that salad if beetroot is ok with me ;) 

Noelle, I need to learn patience! I was hoping for 30 days on and everything to be fixed. Grr! I guess it's all a learning process though. I will avoid the high FODMAP stuff for the next 10 days and then re-evaluate. I think I am already more aware of which things are affecting me and it's easier to spot/ be more certain because I'm not eating the wheat/ dairy etc to confuse matters. 

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the support and letting me go on about poo all the time!

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Yes it is a learning process.  And patience is required.  Unfortunately we are all pretty much hardwired to want immediate results.  And it's frustrating when those results don't come.  Personally it took at least 9 months to get my hormones in a better place than they were.  Does that mean I did a whole 30 for 9 months? No. But I did do 2 more whole 30's and stick to paleo in between.


I come from a family where bathroom humour is kind of commonplace.  And honestly we get all types of questions here - so no Poo question is really off limits. :P

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