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Splenda is NOT my friend!!!


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Did a Whole30 in Feb., lost 20 pounds and have never felt better. Have been reintroducing things here and there, most don't affect my body or gut, some things upset it a little. And I have been maintaining my 20 pound weight loss.

But July 14th, my Mom's Birthday, we made her a sugar free chocolate cake made with splenda. This was my first time eating Splenda in at least 5 months and I will never touch ANY artificial sweetener EVER again! Within an hour of eating the cake, my tummy was bloated up, gassy and started cramping. I was burping day and night! The Whole30 (& gallbladder surgery) made me regular but after the cake, I was stopped up and in pain for days! I am just now getting some relief after a week and that is with the help of laxatives! Whatever healing that was done in Feb. was completely undone again with one helping of Splenda.

Tonight I was thinking, "I wish I could do something to naturally help my gut until I can do my August Whole30." Then a lightbulb went off - BONE BROTH! I had some chicken bones and inerds in the freezer & it's on the stove now in the pressure cooker.

At least when I would indulge on a little something with sugar in it, it didn't affect me anywhere near the pain and agony of artificial sweeteners.

Learn from my mistake!

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My personal philosophy is that while sugar isn't the healthiest choice and wheat isn't great, I would MUCH rather eat a small portion of actual FOOD than a chemical substitute... those chemical substitutes (as you found out) can do miles more harm than indulging in a little bit of the real thing! (for the wheat, assuming of course that you're not allergic).

Down with chemicals!!!

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