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Swithy's food log


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This is my 2nd Whole 30! The first time, I kept a food log in a notebook, but this time, I thought it would be fun to record what I'm eating here. Also, I love sharing recipes, so I will post my favorites here. 


Day 1

I started yesterday, but because I was out of town all weekend, I didn't have any time to prepare (except mentally). That said, I think I got through it ok, although I didn't eat enough of anything so I was a bit hungry.


M1: Two hard-boiled eggs, handful of stringbeans (I know, I needed to eat more than that)

M2: 1 (very large) chicken sausage, raw cauliflower, coconut & cashews

M3: Sardinian sausage sauce over spiralized sweet potato and zucchini noodles



Day 2 (only had breakfast so far, but here's what's planned for the rest of the day)

M1: 2 scrambled eggs with 1/2 chicken sausage, sauteed mushrooms and spinach, cucumbers, a couple blueberries

M2: leftover Sardinian sausage sauce over spiralized sweet potato and zucchini noodles

M3: Grilled pork chops (in a rosemary brine according to the recipe here), cabbage slaw from the Whole 30 book

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Day 4

M1: Scrambled egg with chicken sausage, sauteed mushrooms and spinach, apple

OOPS: Accidentally took a sip of Gatorade that was handed to me without thinking. Looked at the label and the first ingredient was sugar...but nothing else non-compliant other than that nothing in there is actually food. Feel ok about it. 

M2: Leftover salmon with anchovy-garlic, roasted potatoes, arugula

M3: Grilled flank steak (basically this recipe, but I didn't make the additional salsa), zucchini ribbon noodles in olive oil, roasted potatoes


Day 5 - big day for zucchini

M1: 2 scrambled eggs with the last of the Sardinian sausage sauce, grilled zucchini slices

M2: Leftover grilled flank steak with zucchini ribbon noodles in olive oil 

M3: Shrimp stew from Puglia (hold the sugar), zucchini spaghetti

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Day 6
M1: 1 egg with hash of chicken sausage, grilled zucchini and sweet potatoes
M2: Leftover shrimp stew, zucchini spaghetti, salad with lemon vinaigrette
M3: BBQ baby back ribs, homemade BBQ sauce, cabbage slaw with cauliflower, roasted potatoes, homemade bloody mary mix

Day 7 - all packed up for road trip
M1: 2 eggs with shrimp stew, sweet potato and white potato hash
M2: 3 pork ribs, zucchini spaghetti, cabbage and cauliflower slaw, roasted potatoes
M3: 3 slices bacon, 1.5 pork ribs, roasted potatoes, slaw
M4: prosciutto, carrots, 1/2 apple

Day 8
M1: slept through breakfast
M2: Leftover flank steak cooked Carne Asada style with BBQ sauce, salsa, roasted potatoes, 1/2 avocado
M3: another batch of that Sardinian sausage sauce over mashed cauliflower and ghee

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Day 9

M1: 4 pork ribs, BBQ sauce, cauliflower mash

M2: sausage sauce, cabbage and cauliflower slaw, apple

M3: sausage sauce (just a little--was on the road for work and couldn't get anything else, got home too late to eat proper meal)

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Day 12 

M1: 2 egg omelet with the last of that sausage sauce (think I'll take a break from that for a little while), 2 pieces of Paleo bacon, ratatouille

M2: leftover roast chicken breast with roasted root veggies, homemade bbq sauce My lunch was thrown away by refrigerator cleaners in my building! Not only did I lose my food, but also a nice glass container. :(

M3: went out to eat for the first time to a great restaurant. Shared: heirloom tomato salad with king crab and dill vinaigrette, petite filet with chimichurri, sea bass with kale and potato hash. 

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I'm going to have to go back to my notebook for the last few days of food, cause I can't remember everything. Will fill in the blanks later. 


Day 13

M1: burger, kale with anchovy vinaigrette

M2: slept through lunch :(

M3: pork patty from the farmer's market, with 2 soft-scrambled eggs, baby carrots


Day 14

M1 (brunch): Carnitas (insanely good!) with 2 eggs, ___

M2: Went to a vegetarian dinner party where the host was serving black bean enchiladas. Had to make my own veg. dish, and this was what I came up with. 2 eggs baked in Mexican tomato sauce over hash browns (Just ok, recipes not recommended)


Day 15

M1: pork patty, 2 soft-scrambled eggs, ratatouille

M2: went out to the salad bar. Mixed greens, peppers, string beans, carrots, tomato salsa, shrimp and chicken

M3: carnitas, avocado, broccoli


Day 16

M1: Egg salad (2 eggs) with homemade garlic paprika mayo, cucumber

M2: leftover baked Mexican egg in tomato veggie sauce, leftover carnitas and eggs

M3: Moroccan meatballs, chicken wing and beef rib from a BBQ

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Day 17

M1: 1/2 pork patty, 2 soft-scrambled eggs, broccoli

M2: Moroccan meatballs, broccoli

M3: felt nauseous and not hungry, didn't want dinner


Day 18

M1: tuna with homemade paprika garlic mayo, broccoli

M2: curry chicken with broccoli

M3: Dinner out for work: chopped salad with salami and oregano dressing, smoked salmon and smoked trout torte (pulled off the pastry), trout meuniere without the meuniere (butter sauce) and mixed veggies

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Day 20 - ate a LOT today, including potatoes without brakes. eek. 

M1: 2 hard-boiled eggs, cucumber (on the go)

M2: seafood cioppino over cajun roast potatoes, jerk chicken and sauteed squash (from Whole Foods salad bar)

snack: roasted potatoes (snacked as I was making them...tsk tsk)

M3: artichoke lemon pesto chicken 'pasta' (delicious but it did NOT look like the picture!)

M4: raw crudite, olives, romaine, cajun tenderloin tips, bearnaise (out at a restaurant)


Day 21

M1/2: tomato meat sauce, roasted potatoes with garlic mayo, zucchini carpaccio with anchovy vinaigrette 

M3: sole piccata (modified using instant potato flakes for flour, walnuts for almonds, chicken stock for wine, and ghee for butter), zucchini noodles in olive oil


Day 22

M1: tomato meat sauce with 2 soft-scrambled eggs, raw celery

M2: artichoke lemon chicken 'pasta', cucumbers

M3: sole piccata, potatoes

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Day 26

M1: roast pork, baby carrots

M2: forgot to eat my lunch! 

M3: W30 potluck! grilled ribeye, zucchini spaghetti and chicken sausage sauce, sweet potato mash, cucumbers and guacamole, brussels sprout slaw, olives


Day 27

M1: no time

M2: zucchini spaghetti and chicken sausage sauce

M3: Camping! cucumbers and guacamole, tomato salad, grilled spare ribs, homemade bbq sauce, potatoes, asparagus, zucchini, watermelon, grapes


Day 28: 

M1: Camping! scrambled eggs with leftover veggies, watermelon, grapes

M2: slept through lunch

M3: leftover grilled ribs, bbq sauce, cabbage slaw, deviled eggs made with homemade garlic paprika mayo


Day 29: 

M1: deviled eggs, baby carrots

M2: pastrami (ok, I think there was sugar in the cure), cole slaw, potato salad, pickles, olives

M3: braised chicken with olives and lemon, kale salad

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Day 30!!!!!!!

B: scrambled eggs with cucumbers and baby carrots

L: leftover chicken saltimboca and chicken/olive&lemon, potatoes, kale salad

D: leftover chicken with olive & lemon, kale salad


My reintroduction plan for tomorrow: non-gluten grains (oatmeal with breakfast, rice with lunch, corn with dinner). 

On Saturday, reintroducing either dairy or gluten, undecided. 

I know from my last W30 that legumes have little effect on me, but that I also eat very little of them, so not bothering to bring them back for a while till the other groups are out of the way. 

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Hello Day 31!

Gonna keep tracking here for a few days to see how things are going with my reintros.


B: 1/4 cup oatmeal, pork patty, drop of maple syrup

I made these vegan raw chocolate chip cookie dough bites out of cashews, oats, maple syrup and vanilla extract and ate one (yeah, I couldn't wait for the closest thing to a cookie). 3 hours later, I have heartburn. Already! My guess is it's the oats... not liking it!


L: leftover chicken with olive & lemon, white rice

D: Went out to celebrate at a Mexican place! Corn tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa. Corn tortilla tacos with cornmeal dusted shrimp, kale and onions. Grilled corn (no cheese). Rice. 1 glass of Cava. 

S: 1 cookie dough bite. 

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So, I ended up having non-gluten grains again yesterday. For one thing, I want to know what's causing the heartburn. I had no effects from corn/rice, so it's definitely from the cookie dough ball - oats/cashews and maple syrup or chocolate chips. 

Well, I had chocolate when I got home from work, and no reaction. 

This morning I decided to have just oatmeal for breakfast - no syrup. No reaction. So now it's either gotta be the maple syrup, or the cashews? I ate plenty of cashews my first W30 and never noticed heartburn, but I just realized I didn't have hardly any this time around. So perhaps it's the nuts. Or the syrup. But if it is the syrup, why????
Also - I don't plan to eat oatmeal for breakfast anymore. I quit eating morning carbs several months before my first Whole 30 to help with mid-morning and mid-afternoon slump. And right now, I am slumping... 
B: plain oatmeal.
L: finally finished the chicken with lemon and olive
D: chicken paillard with corn and squash salad
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This weekend I went a little off the rails. I kind of planned for it--I planned to start a Whole 30 that would end a few days before my trip to the state fair. And here was that trip. 

I had a good health first two meals Saturday--pork patty for breakfast, leftover chicken paillard with corn salad for lunch. 

Then I got to the fair, and surprised myself with how not-crazy I went. I had kind of a meatloaf made of brisket which was pretty good and protein-y. And corn on the cob (haven't been having any issues with corn). 

Shared with friends a couple bites of french fries, rice krispy treat, and mac n cheese, but not very much of each. My indulgence was an ice cream bar and it was totally worth it. Had two hard ciders (gluten free). 
But then things went a little haywire when I got a giant bucket of cookies to take back with me for work. I had one, and then couldn't stop...for two days. I probably ate 20 of those little things between Sat and Sun. 


I also ended Saturday night with a piece of pizza and some wine. So yeah, things started out ok, but kind of spiraled. 


I kept telling myself it was fine to have one day where you just have what you want and don't feel guilty, but then on Sunday, I continued with bad eating. THAT's the problem... one day IS fine, but when it leads to another and another, not fine. 



B: sausage and eggs with one mini gluten free pancake, a little maple syrup (no heartburn). 

L: 1/2 fried pork tenderloin sandwich with fries, ketchup and mayo, bloody mary 

S: chocolate peanut butter malt --eeek dairy

D: the other 1/2 of that sandwich and fries, some corn salad

S: more cookies


So today, I am back on the Whole 30 + corn for three days. Sorry, it's the end of the summer, not giving up any more corn! I have some plans Thursday and Friday that will take me off W30 but will stay 75% on plan those days. 

B: pork patty and 2 eggs, cucumbers

L: leftover chicken paillard with corn salad, cucumbers

D: chicken sausage sauce with spiral zucchini

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Aaaaand we're back. After the State Fair, and then two visits to ANOTHER state fair, and then 2 weeks of vacation in two fabulous food cities, a birthday, a wedding, a retirement, I'm done. I can't eat that stuff anymore. I feel sick/bloated/heartburn constantly. And I came home from vacay and weighed myself -- up 7 lbs in 18 days. Cake twice a day will do that to a person. 

So, I'm back on W30, this time for a W40--I plan to end on Oct 20, exactly a year since I began my weight-loss. But I'm not even counting the days this time. I'm just doing it all day everyday. 


Goals this time around: 

1 - rely less on white potatoes, which I love but can't be all that great for me

2 - more leafy greens instead of watery veggies like cucumber, lettuce - not only better for me, but less environmental impact

3 - more squash and veggies of varying colors besides green (not my favorite goal, as I don't like sweet foods in my savory meals, but gotta do it for health)


B: 3 egg omelet/kale and tomato/olive oil

L: chicken sausage tomato sauce/spiralized zucchini and sweet potato/olive oil

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I didn't eat dinner last night because I slept through it! I went to the gym after work and by the time I got home, I was exhausted and passed out. 



B: tuna/celery and onion/mayo

L: leftover chicken sausage sauce/broccoli/olive oil

D: orange beef/broccoli/sesame oil

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