"Cravings" seem to be too mild a word...

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I occasionally get these periods of 5 to 10 minutes where I am INTENSELY hungry, easily able to pass the "test" I've seen around here about hungry enough to eat a bland meal of steamed fish and veggies.

And then...it passes. And I'm feeling fine, not hungry.

I hesitate to call it cravings, since I don't feel like I'm craving anything in particular, just..."NEED FOOD...wait, no I don't."

I'm on day 9(well, 10 actually, by the clock now..) And other than this, and a slight constant headache(that I'm going to attribute to the lowered caffeine levels...) my Whole 30 has been...almost dreamily easy. I haven't been miserable, grumpy or even seriously tempted to go off plan yet, nor exhausted.

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It is possible that you may be thirsty, as the body will sometimes give out hunger signals if thirsty, trying to get fluid. Perhaps when you get that feeling, have a glass of water and see if that helps. Shoot for 1/2 oz of water per pound of body weight too (ex 60 oz for someone who weighs 120)

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It could well be that you are starting to read your body's signals and that before you may have reacyed to this feeling of faux hunger with a snack. The headache you describe could be attributed to lack of salt, too much salt, or lack of water - are you salting your food, and drinking the recommended amount of half an ounce of water per pound of body weight.

It's difficult to tell for sure though without knowing exactly what you have been eating, so if you'd like to post a few days worth of your food & liquid intake (giving portions as they relate to the size of your palm) we could take a look and maybe offer some tweaks for you.

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Pretty sure it's not a water issue, since I keep a 32oz cup by my desk and drink from it fairly often at home(refilled whenever it's emptied) and at work I have a 20oz water bottle I keep on my belt and do the same.

Salt...is an idea I thought of. I started adding a spoonful of salt to mugs of my freshly made batch of bone broth, both for taste, and to see if it helps. I'll let you know!

As for my recent meals...I haven't kept logs >.> *shame*

But, generally they have been

Either chicken breast, Tilipia, or salmon fillet

sauted frozen veggies, usually two from the list of: Cauliflower, spinach, green beans, broccoli, or the Sprouts from Brussels

The occasional sweet potato as well, because I only have a limited number of those...for now.

the veggies are usually drizzled with olive oil, or I eat a handful of almond/walnuts/hazelnuts either after, or sprinkled in. If I have a sweet potato I give a generous dollop of the clarified butter.

I usually have a big bowl of veggies piled high, and put the fillet on top...or cut up the chicken and mix it in. I almost always add salt to it.

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