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Day 7 Check-In-What did you learn your 1st week?

Camille P.

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So I'm posting because of the suggestion on today's Whole 30 email. What did I learn/what have I accomplished so far?


1. On day 5, I was HUNGRY (and craving) at dinner time. I wolfed down my whole 30 fish tacos and then proceeded to look for whatever treats were "technically" ok. I had a generous portion of raisins and macadamia nuts. Then before bed, I started hunting in the kitchen and ended up eating a bag of freeze dried apples with more macadamia nuts. It felt like my old behavior of eating quickly and compulsively without even thinking about it and feeding the sugar craving. I justified it because what I really wanted was cereal (like a box of vanilla nut crunch cereal eaten bowl by bowl)...The next morning I journaled and assessed and re-read some of the basics...like don't feed the sugar craving with anything sweet. Also, as much as you can keep it to 3 meals a day (I have been having one snack in the afternoons) and not the grazing after dinner. Sooo, I made adjustments. I did have a fruit smoothie right after dinner last night, but saved my fruit portions for it and had it right after dinner and that was it for the night. I guess the fruit smoothie isn't suggested either. Tonight I will go with just actual fruit right after dinner. This is a lot of progress for me, who usually eats dark chocolate every night (and the chocolate was getting less and less "dark"!).


2. Success-less bloated. My stomach isn't sticking out as much and I feel more comfortable in my pants and tops.


3. Yesterday I had energy through the whole day and didn't feel like I would die if I didn't take a nap at 3 or 4pm.


4. Feeling excited about cooking healthy creative meals again.


5. Feeling more attractive.


6. Feeling more focused.


Okay, heading into the weekend and into week 2. Stocking up fridge for weekend and firmly taking my own stance when the rest of my family goes and gets ice cream.





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