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Day 25 dawns and I'm *this* close to quitting my fourth W30

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I've finally decided to ask for help myself rather than trawling the forums for the answers. I am almost done with my fourth W30 and I am hating it! I loved the first three and always felt the benefits, so I just can't figure out what's going wrong. I'm eating the same things as far as I can tell. In the past I've lost between 6 and 9 pounds, a good amount on my 5'3" frame and felt great. Better skin, more energy... this time... not so much. Not at all. In fact I had a feeling I'd gained weight and, I weighed myself this morning because as far as I was concerned, I'd quit the programme, and I've gained two pounds.


I am not a quitter, it drives me witless to think I won't see this through, but I am feeling so demoralised right now.


Bit of background - I spent most of my 20s and early 30s on a constant diet - Weight Watchers, Atkins, My Fitness Pal etc. Three years ago I discovered Paleo and loved the fact it focused on real food and I could stop thinking about calories. I lost weight naturally and felt great. January 2013 I did my first W30 and discovered even more amazing things and ways to eat. Vegetables at breakfast? Hell yeah! I also lost 9lbs but to be honest this was probably a little too low for my natural body weight. I did another in April that year and stayed the same weight which was cool. Then, over the next eight months or so I gained about 14lbs slowly over time, still mainly Paleo but slipping back to some bad habits and, eventually, some disordered binge eating. I was suffering from anxiety at the time, building up to a big round the world trip, so I was kind to myself and went for some counselling. We did our year of travel and my weight remained higher than I'd ideally like but pretty stable and I just didn't want to focus on it. Still mainly Paleo when I could be on the road.


Now we're back and at first I felt great, eating well with some non-Paleo treats. I went back to my corporate 9-5 job which I am not enjoying, I have to say. Slowly some weight has crept back on. In the meantime my boyfriend was finding himself getting a bit sugar addicted and felt awful after a night on the booze. He suggested we do a July W30 and I said, why not. Fast forward to today.


So, typical day/meals for me as I know you'll ask me to give you this!


M1: Three egg frittata with roasted vegetables fried in ghee plus a couple of slices of smoked salmon and a heaped tsp of homemade mayo. Occasionally a few blueberries or a bit of mango on the side


M2: Salad with palm size serving of chicken or mackerel or similar with half an avocado, drizzled with evoo. I typically add carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, beetroot and arugula. Occasionally a small peach or apple.


M3: Grilled steak or roasted chicken with some sweet potato - the equivalent of a small one, and steamed vegetables drizzled with olive oil.


Pre-WO: Boiled egg with a bit of mayo


Post-WO: Smoked salmon slices with some sweet potato, equivalent of a small one


Sometimes I'll have a mini meal if I'm hungry when I get in from work - some smoked salmon or a boiled egg, a small handful of nuts and some roasted veggies.


I drink a small glass or two of homemade kombucha a day and lots of water and black tea.


Workouts: Barre classes once or twice a week for an hour plus two hour long personal training sessions a week using HIIT and cross training. I walk for at least an hour a day but other than that I am sedentary at a desk at work.


Sleep: lights out at 10pm, wake up at 5:30am. I typically fall asleep straight away and sleep well through the night.


As I mentioned, work is the real sticking point for me at the moment. I am not very happy but I am taking steps to change this.


I really want to see this W30 through, but my clothes are feeling tight and it's making me fixate on food. I've had about three little compliant binges on nuts, nut butter and Larabars over the past three weeks, when I've felt frustrated, tired and hungry, generally when I get in from work. I don't want to feel crazy around food.


Thank you for your help.

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A couple things stand out to me that have nothing to do with the food you've been consuming:
-  history of disordered eating. Note that the Whole30 was not written with eating disorders in mind. Take a look at this article.
-  working at a job you don't enjoy (I assume there is a fair amount of stress: which could contribute to your weight challenges)

Where are you at in your monthly cycle?

Overall, your food looks good.  You might experiment with dropping the nuts and raw vegetables, as that can cause bloating for some.

I wonder if you really have any further weight to lose?  Take a look at this article for some perspective.

I'd start with finding ways to cope with the stress of your job. 

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Hi Chris, 


Thank you for your response. I take the birth control pill and I'm just over a week into a new pack. I did have an early and extra long period this time on my seven day break which I'm certain didn't help with the nut binges. On previous W30s I've had spotting and long periods, too.


I really like the idea of cutting out raw vegetables, I think that's worth a try. You are right about the nuts. To be honest if it wasn't for my boyfriend I wouldn't keep them in the house and I won't be buying nut butter again for a while.


Of course I know you are right about the job, too. I'm just not in the right state of mind at the moment. I'd like to try and finish out this W30 but will ease up on myself a little. That article about tossing the scales was brilliant, thank you for linking to it.



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MeGA"gardener", thank you for your response! I do probably need to drink a bit more water, I start the day off great but it does tail off. Good point about skipping the Pre and Post WO snacks for the lighter Barre workouts, too. I've actually got a bit of a break from exercise coming up this week and am going to focus on walks and stretching instead.


I'm feeling better already after reaching out and getting some good advice.

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I'm keeping on with it and feeling a little better. Avoiding nuts and raw vegetables and trying to drink a lot more water. I still feel bloated and my clothes are tight but I'm trying to keep in the right frame of mind. It's been really tough, particularly the mental aspect, this time.

I need to just chill out on the food - I know how to handle that, and focus on things that are going to make me feel better.

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