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Extended Whole30, some early symptoms return?

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So I completed my 2nd Whole30 on July 16th; on July 17th, I had one ghirardelli chocolate square that I'd been saving and a bite of my hubby's dessert, but otherwise stayed compliant. I was so happy with my overall results (including 11 lbs. lost), and I'd already decided to keep eating this way for as long as I could. Though I really haven't been having any cravings while awake, I had a few nights where I'd dreamed I'd eaten off-plan food (sweets), which hasn't happened since day 12 or so. In addition, I feel like I've been hit by a truck this weekend and ended up post-phoning my run until tomorrow. Sadly, I can't tell which variables might be affecting me: I'm still nursing my 5.5-month-old (though not exclusively), someone came into work with what appears to be a bad cold (which, based on my symptoms, I may have caught), I accidentally had a bite of a non-compliant larabar (someone mixed a bin, blerg) and the super-sunny weather switched suddenly to rain and thunderstorms.

My usual meals:

M1: 2 eggs w/half an avocado & as many veggies as I can eat (was eating 3 eggs, but never had room for veggies)

M2a: smoothie made with fruits, veggies, hemp protein, & coconut oil (I know this is not the best option, but it's the only way I can guarantee I'll get to eat most days); usually add some almonds on the side

M2b: hamburger patty with half an avocado, compliant hot sauce, & veggies

M3: serving of pork/salmon/chicken with sweet potato or other veggies

I also keep compliant larabars on hand for emergencies.

Thoughts? If it's something I can fix, I want to try. If it's just a stupid cold I'll get over, I can wait it out.

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Well, scratch everything; I did, in fact, catch my coworker's cold. Please, if you're not feeling well, at the very least, cancel you're non-critical meetings. I have an infant, and I don't want to pass your illness to her!!!

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