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Am I eating too much oily fish?

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I enjoy meat but I prefer fish, so I have been eating a lot of smoked salmon and smoked mackerel. I have a palm sized amount (a170g packet) of smoked salmon either at lunch or breakfast, and I ate at least 4 smoked mackerel fillets last week. (I'm on day 7). I know these contain a lot of fat, and I was wondering am I eating too much, since my primary reason for being in this program is weightloss (I have about 80 pounds to lose). Should I limit my other fat portion when consuming these oily fish?

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I eat oily fish once a day, pretty much every day, and I also add an additional fat source to the meal such as olives, home made mayo or a half an avocado - I think you're good, but if you'd like to post a few days worth of your food/liquid intake we could give a more educated response.

Also, just check that your smoked salmon doesn't have added sugar as many do.



PS. I've just returned from 2 fabulous wks holidays in your part of the world........................

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Thanks for your reply. The smoked salmon is caught and smoked locally and the only ingredient listed is "smoked salmon", so I think I'm good with this :)

Here is a typical day of food/liquid



2 large handfuls spinach wilted

palm size amount of smoked salmon

2 poached eggs

1/2 avocado

Black tea



Chopped salad made with:

2 hard boiled eggs

2 handfuls cooked prawns or 2 smoked mackeral fillets

2 tbsp homemade mayo mixed with tomato puree, salt and pepper

1/2 lettuce,1/4 cucumber, 2 tomatoes and 1 spring onion

Black tea


Black coffee mid afternoon



3 pork chops

Green beans

sauce made with red and yellow peppers, fresh chili, canned tomatoes, garlic, black olive tapenade and fresh herbs and olive oil


large beef steak with sweet potato mashed with ghee and asparagus and rocket salad with homemade mayo dressing


Water intake about 2 litres a day (I drink sparkling and still)


ps: Hope you got some good weather while you were here, I've got the fire lit today!

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Your meals look pretty good to me - oily fish is good for you & you're getting a good variety of other proteins & veg so I'd say keep on keeping on...!!

Our weather wasn't too bad - no wetter than it is in the North, and a few degrees warmer so can't complain & sure we wouldn't have those stunning views otherwise! We were in Kerry for the most part but travelled to Mizen Head via Bantry & Schull, and then stopped off in Blarney & Cork itself on the way back up. Suffering from the holiday blues today...

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