Whole30 Complete--and it works!!


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I decided to document my non-weight victories over the past 30 days before weighing myself. Here they are:

I have learned to eat 3 meals a day, I have learned how to eat protein and veggies and fat at each meal to keep myself full and satiated until the next meal, I have learned that eating healthy fat is good, I have become fat-adapted, I have finally lost my diet coke craving (this happened just in the past week), I have learned how to fuel my workouts, I have learned that 5 days of cardio a week might be too much, I have learned that getting enough sleep is just as important as exercise and nutrition, I have learned to recognize when I want to eat due to habit, I have learned to eat when hungry and listen to my satiety cues, I have learned to stop eating when full even when there is still food left on my plate, I have learned that when I have a craving I need to ignore it and push through it and do something to take my mind off it like going on a walk or taking a nap and that it will go away on its own, I have learned that when I have a craving I do not need to indulge it with the thing I am craving or even with something less bad like fruit because my brain can't tell the difference and still thinks it's getting what it's craving, I have learned to eat at the table and pay attention as I eat, I have learned to not graze or snack and not eat while watching tv, I have learned that nuts probably hurt my stomach, I have learned that fruit is not a good pre- or post-workout snack, I have learned how to eat so that my blood sugar levels are regulated and I don't get hypoglycemic or cranky when I'm hungry, I have learned to appreciate whole real nutritious foods without added sugar or artificial ingredients.

In addition, I lost 3.6 pounds, 0.2% body fat, 3/4" from my waist, and 1" from my hips! Thank you Whole30 for giving me Food Freedom!

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Thanks! Just another small success today--my work threw a little party for me and my husband because we are leaving our jobs and moving in a week. Of course this party included a large delicious-looking sheet cake (of course!) Since I have not yet completed (or started yet, actually) my reintroduction, I decided not to partake in the cake because I want to keep my system clean for the experimental reintroduction phase. It was so hard because I am big on sweets, but I was able to think it out beforehand and realized that completing the reintroduction clean was better than eating a yummy looking piece of cake and possibly messing up my results.

The way I got around it was to eat my home-brought Whole30 lunch and cut a piece of cake and put it in my cleaned out lunch Tupperware to eat at home later because I was too full from lunch. I wasn't actually too full, but it seemed an easy excuse to avoiding the cake. I hate to waste food, but once I got home, into the trash the cake went. I know myself and I can't have that sitting around tempting me. I really think it would have been ok to eat a piece if I had already completed my reintro but I'm glad I did not partake after all! Reintroduction is so important and I want real true results!

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