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Whole3 Post-Baby


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This is technically my 3rd round of whole30, I completed 2 last summer and did about 3 weeks of whole30 during my pregnancy. My 2nd daughter is 10 weeks old and I'm exclusively breastfeeding. We've spent the past few weeks eating fresh sweet corn and BLT's with heirloom tomatoes so I feel ready to start this round without missing my favorite summer treats. My husband will be doing this with me this time.


Day 1

Started out with no groceries (even eggs!) so I basically ate a super late breakfast/lunch after coming home from shopping.

M1: frittata with spinach, roasted red pepper, red potatoes and dill, banana, 6 pistachios

M2: grilled chicken drumsticks, green bean salad with beets and walnuts, roasted yellow squash

handful of cashews

celery with almond butter and raisins

The chicken was disappointingly bland so I removed the meat from the bone to make chicken salad for lunch tomorrow. 

Going to bed a little hungry, just a consequence of my lack of preparation for the day. 


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Day 2:


M1: 2 fried eggs on a bed of spinach, coconut milk and coffee

2 tbs. raisins

M2: curried chicken salad with avocado in lettuce cups, grapes

M3: crab legs and ghee, summer squash fritters, roasted potatoes and salad. 

snack- olives

Still hungry, argh! Don't feel like cooking at the end of the day but seriously just nursed off and on for the last 2 hours straight so I know I should probably eat something!

The crab legs were a nice thank you dinner I made for my mom and dad, wish I would have eaten more but my girls really needed some attention during dinner. 

ETA: Tried baking a sweet potato to eat before bed but it wasn't cooked through and I really just wanted to go to bed so I ate a banana with almond butter and a handful of cashews. Not ideal but just about all I could do. 

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Maybe you might want the mods to weigh in on your meals? When you're breast feeding you should be eating 4 meals I think, and your breakfast looked a bit small to me. Maybe check out the pregnant/breastfeeding thread? You need energy so you CAN look after your kids, don't want to crash and burn! You'll get the hang of it!

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@J9er -thanks for the input, I didn't think I could eat 3 eggs at breakfast but I knew I needed to added more food in general so today I did along with some sweet potatoes. I find the idea of making a 4th meal totally exhausting but I think I'm just going to have hard boiled eggs and raw veggies ready to go from now on.

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Day 3: Well, I'm all done! Ha, just kidding, I typed the wrong thing when I started this thread, obvs...


M1: 3 scrambled eggs with sweet potato sauteed in ghee on a bed of spinach, coconut milk coffee

M2: grapes and chicken salad

snacked on carrots and 2 dried apricots since dinner took a while to cook

M3: smoked lemon dill chicken (from the domestic man), broccoli salad, pineapple, mashed potatoes.

Was JUST about to say it's nice to not be hungry tonight, and then my stomach growled :/ still, I'm happy with how this round is going, my milk supply seems to be just fine, and I think I'll either get more to eat or get used to not eating right before bed soon!

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Day 4


M1: 3 scrambled eggs with spinach, coconut milk coffee

M2: Tuna salad on lettuce with 1/2 avocado, carrot sticks, a few bites of mango

snack- a big handful of cashews, small handful of raisins

M3: kale chips, trader joe's spicy italian chicken sausage, homemade tomato sauce, sautéed peppers and onion, and oven fries.


Still dealing with evening hunger (and afternoon hunger as well). Not getting too bent out of shape about having a snack here and there since I'm breastfeeding, would like it to be a whole30 template type snack but sometimes I'm just doing what I can do (i.e. 2 babies are crying at the same time, I'm hungry, and it's hours before dinner...)

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Day 5: got in a couple sun salutations and a 1 minute plank before my toddler woke up, I'm starting to feel OLD in the morning so I think I need to get moving more (not always easy when my newborn likes to be held all the time...). Had an extremely busy day out of the house so my meals aren't perfect...


M1: 2-3 fried eggs and sautéed sweet potato, coconut milk coffee

M2: Five Guys lettuce wrapped burger

M3: sliced tomato with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, smashed potatoes and summer squash fritters. 

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Day 6:

M1: 3 fried eggs on a bed of spinach, coconut milk coffee

M2: canned salmon cakes with homemade mayo tartar sauce AND baba ghanoush and sliced cucumbers, dried mangos

M3: an entire pint of raspberries and some rotisserie chicken, more baba ghanoush 


Wow, baba ghanoush with sliced cucumbers is pretty great! My husband and I go to church on saturday night and stopped at the grocery store to buy something for a late dinner on the way home. Not only did they have the simple truth brand rotisseries (just chicken, salt and water) but I got some raspberries to eat on the way home and a lemon seltzer. It felt so date-y and fun, and it was so nice to not cook a meal. 

Definitely think my clothes are fitting a little better today :)

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Day 7:


M1: 3 fried eggs, sweet potato hash browns, spinach, peach, coconut milk coffee

M2: egg salad and mini bell peppers, 1/2 avocado with lime and salt

M3: chicken zoodle soup, peaches, a serving of almonds, few pieces of dried mango, olives

Can't get full tonight! Changed my dinner plans since my husband was feeling under the weather and I wanted to make him soup, but I think ideally I should have had some starch... 

Maybe I'll bake a sweet potato...

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Day 8: 


M1: 3 scrambled eggs, sweet potato hash browns, coconut milk coffee

M2: breaded eggplant, sliced tomato and pesto, egg salad, peach

M3: chicken stir fry with broccoli, cabbage, mushroom, water chestnuts and cashews, peach


Today I felt fuller but had a really hard time mentally staying positive. Maybe it's whole30; maybe it's cause I'm a mom of a toddler and newborn, and my husband was working from home, sick. I'm trying to potty train which basically means I'm giving 2 children my undivided attention all day but still cleaning pee off of the floor. I don't think my toddler's ready, I'll try again in a week. 

I bought a bathing suit online I'd been eyeing, at a reasonable price, BUT STILL I know I totally did it as a reaction to stress and as an escape, the shopping equivalent of an afternoon junk food snack. 

Did I mention I lost my mind and bought two 25 pound boxes of freshly picked Georgia peaches from the Peach Truck the other day?! Now I have them ripening on my counter and I want eat them all day long. They're amazing. I'm giving some to my parents and freezing a bunch tomorrow. 

It makes me really happy to see my daughter eating so well since we're eating whole30. I don't have her stick to it 100% but in general she's eating more protein, veggies and healthy fat and less carbs and sugar. Everyone wants to give her treats, all the time, and I really don't want her to stop eating healthy, nourishing food cause she got accustomed to junk.

Today I wore a pair of jeans that I haven't worn since before I was pregnant, so that felt nice. I also made some plans to workout with my sister, I like working out with someone so much better.

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Day 9:


M1: fried eggs on spinach, coconut milk coffee

M2: scrambled eggs and green beans

2 peaches before dinner

M3: salmon with capers and mustard, roasted potatoes, salad with balsamic, tomatoes and olives

cashews after dinner


Feeling weird and kind of down today, my husband's still sick and I'm in a bit of a funk. Just going to try to have a good day with my girls and get done what I can. Did get to hang out with a friend yesterday (day 9) who also has a toddler and a newborn, and that was really nice. 

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Day 10:


M1: 3 fried eggs, sweet potato hash browns, coconut milk coffee

M2: salmon potato cakes, kale chips, peach(es)

M3: aidell's chicken apple sausage (1 1/2), sautéed green beans, 1/3 avocado


Ended up having a good day, and it's always nice to go to bed with a clean kitchen. Really didn't want to cook this evening, if Chipotle was 40 minutes closer I would have gotten us some carnitas. Thank goodness for aidell's chicken sausage and applegate hot dogs! I have a couple things in my fridge especially for nights like tonight.

Enjoying being able to eat white potatoes this time around, but trying not to overdue it! That being said, potatoes of any kind definitely help me feel fuller. 

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Day 12: 


M1: 3 fried eggs with spinach, coconut milk coffee

M2: burger with lettuce, tomato and grilled onion, spinach salad with hardboiled egg and tomato. 

M3: hot dog, potato salad, carrots, baba ghanoush, peaches

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Day 13:


Rough day, I almost threw in the towel. Ate a late breakfast since I had to grocery shop (didn't even have eggs!) in the morning, napped through lunch (which is unusual), had to leave for church, planned to eat at Chipotle afterwards, drove 1/2 hour (from church) to get there and they didn't have carnitas. Drove an hour home, had to nurse, didn't eat my second meal till 8:30, had terrible headache and terrible mood swings. Am so paranoid about eating too many larabars but in this instance I needed to eat something, anything. The absurdity of last night really made me question if I should continue. Would it have been terrible to eat barbacoa at Chipotle? It wouldn't be a whole30 anymore, but maybe at this point in my life I should just be doing paleo and not something so restrictive? Really wondering if I have PPD and feel like I need to be digging my way out of that. The rules of whole30 really work for me, I'm far too permissive when I'm not doing a whole30...but I have to get better at finding a balance. I ended up cooking a compliant meal and have managed to stay on track today. Really hate the idea of quitting early, but maybe it'd be for the best. I also have been feeling like my 3 month old is fussier than normal. I'm worried she's not getting enough to eat, and I have no idea how to know that. Kind of want to post this elsewhere on the forums to get feedback but I'm feeling a little too vulnerable to right now. 


M1: scrambled eggs and sweet potato hash browns

M2: steak and boiled potatoes

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abbyn, not sure what drew me into your log today.  (I have not been around here much ~at all~ lately.)  I just sat down for a few minutes to put my feet up, and... here I am.  :)


As I was reading through your posts, I just kept thinking to myself:  "I can't imagine doing this with a toddler and a newborn."  Over and over.


Honey, I've got 3 boys -- they are older now -- but those years when they were little were just, plain, craziness.


It's clear to me that you KNOW how to eat well.  You are not a total newbie, you have been down this road before......


So my gut tends to agree that the restriction and rules of a Whole 30 may not be what you need right now.


What are your main reasons for choosing to do a Whole 30 at this point?  If it's mainly weight loss... trust me when I say, that will happen on its own.  You keep on nursing that baby, chasing that toddler, eating as well as you can, and trying not to stress... and the weight loss WILL happen.  


I've done a few Whole 30's, and each time I learned a little more.  I even had one which I chose to END on Day 11 because:  I wanted heavy cream in my Starbucks coffee.  And YES, at that point -- it was THAT important to me.  At that point in time, I thought, "Really?  Am I going to feel like a total failure because I want to get heavy cream in my coffee, to take to my hair appointment, because it is my ritual, it is what I always do, and I don't want to go without it?"  NOPE.  I chose not to feel like a failure -- I realized that it wasn't a great time for me to do a Whole 30, and I stopped.  {shrug}  For the record, yes, I have done two more "successful" Whole 30's since then.


So -- no one can make this decision for you.  I won't tell you what to do, one way or another.  I WILL continue to check in here, to support you in whatever you decide.  ;)  But when you are talking postpartum depression, and possibly affecting your baby nursing -- and if these were NOT problems prior to this Whole 30 -- I just had to speak up and say, you really are FREE to choose what your priorities are right now.


When I had a baby and a toddler, I was in survival mode.  Plain and simple.  I don't know anyone else's opinion here, but as a mom who has been there -- I applaud you for making it this far without completely losing your mind!

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Thanks so much for commenting! I'm feeling much better today but am honestly still on the fence about continuing but for now I plan on sticking with it. I cook 3x a day for my family anyways, so cooking whole30 meals doesn't feel like very much extra work. I have a harder time with the days that throw curveballs...or being hungry and not having time or energy to come up with a compliant meal, etc...

It is taking me a little while to realize that "survival mode" is what I should be aiming for instead of "perfecting every area of life" which I keep trying and failing at. 

I am not type A and have never been someone who always has all her ducks in a row but for some reason lately I've been setting impossibly high standards for myself. I think I need to evaluate what's important, work to improve things that I do have energy for, and be gracious with myself about the rest. 

Thanks for your valuable input! 

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Day 16: 

M1: 2 fried eggs and spinach, coconut milk coffee

M2: kale chips, squash fritters, drumstick

M3: 1/2 avocado, cucumber, homemade sushi with smoked salmon, scallions, cuke and avo.


Well, my decision whether or not to continue has pretty much been made for me! I decided to accompany my husband on a work trip to PA (leaving this weekend), so we can spend some time with his family and introduce everyone to our new baby. There is probably a way to do whole30 on our trip (I've done it once before, but not with a newborn!), but it's just not worth it to me. I would say I'll just do Paleo but I'm skipping that too and eating some special foods that I only get to eat once or twice a year. When I get back my plan is to stick to a Paleo diet, which I've done successfully for long periods of time. 


That being said, this morning when I realized I was ending my whole30 early, I still ate the same whole30 breakfast I've been eating! That alone feels like a win to me.

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