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We Start Our Whole30 August 3rd!


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I'm Hannah and 24-years-old and my husband, Matt, is 25-years-old. He is a full-time preacher and I am a full-time grad student (MA in Counseling).


I've read the book It Starts With Food. I've engrossed myself with the Whole30 website. I've watched Netflix documentaries. According to my husband I've been "obsessing." But we set our start date for August 3rd. 


My goals:

-Balance hormones (I've never been on a bc pill, just have tracked fertility for 4.5 years of marriage, BUT still something is out of whack because I have cystic acne and some mild hair growth on my chin. Neither of those are normal for a 24-year-old!)

-Get "off" sugar

-Cut out processed food and junk

-Have my body as healthy as possible by the time we are ready to try for children (about a year-ish from now at earliest)

-If weight comes off, that's a perk!!


Husband's goals:

-Improve digestion (he's been having tummy troubles the whole time I've known him

-Lose weight (he has continued to put it on since we met and is pretty short [5'4 or 5'5] ... definitely on track to have some major health problems if nothing changes

-Decrease stress (he is a preacher and it's bad enough as is without an unhealthy diet)


More than anything, we both just want to develop healthier habits. We want to learn to eat a proper diet and make doing so a habit and a priority so that this carries over when children come along and they can be healthy and happy and also learn how to eat a nutritious diet.

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My husband and I will be starting officially on Aug 3 but probably Aug 2 and will extend by a day. We have completed a Whole 30 previously and are looking forward to the second one. I will be trying to get on track with many things during this time such as exercise, meditation, weight loss, etc., basically just trying to start a lot of better habits. I am excited. 

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