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Soybean Oil WORSE than sugar (article)


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Wow! I'm glad someone is finally doing research on what this stuff does to our bodies. All of us doing a Whole 30 know how hard it is to cut out those types of oils, but also that it is possible and we all feel better when we do.


That was a great find/read!

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Guest Andria

Nice find.  I'm glad to see the research is coming around to unveil the negative effect of refined vegetable oils.  I will occasionally peruse PubMed to see if any research pops up against PUFAs, but sadly not much turns up. Most people already understand the negative effects of refined sugar in the diet, whether they chose to do anything about it is another issue.  But many people still believe that polyunsaturated fats from refined vegetable oils are better than saturated fats.

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No, no soy products of any kind.

Please read the links in my signature below that have the rules as well as the Can I Have article. No Soy is one of the five No's.

No soy

No dairy

No sugar

No beans/legumes

No alcohol

Bonus: No weighing and no remaking baked goods using compliant ingredients.

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