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Why are my pants tighter??

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I am on day nine and I have not cheated and my pants are tighter I feel bloated and I have had to remove my rings. I know the purpose of the whole 30 is not to lose weight but I was not expecting to gain any or feel this way. I am seriously trying not to be discouraged mentally because I am an emotional and stress eater, please help

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Some bloating is common in the early stages as your digestive system adjusts, and can be dependant very much on the foods that you are eating.

Off the top of my head some things that will cause bloating are:

Drinking a lot of iced water

Drinking sparkling water/seltzer

Cruciferous veg

Raw veg

Raw cruciferous veg

Too many nuts/nut butters


If you'd like to post a few days worth of your food/liquid inatke along with your activity/stress/sleep levels we can maybe pinpoint some tweaks for you...

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Sleep has been good

Getting in 50-640z water. Working on more.

6,000 to 11,000 steps a day


Fruit salad. Apples cherries nectarines almonds bananas

Eggs sirloin


Wrap romaine leaves all natural turkey avocado and onion side salad raspberry vinegette. Homemade

Spaghetti squash homemade sauce all veggie


Sirloin. Zucinni salad

Chicken salad avocados

Fruit and raw almonds for any snacking

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If you're having a fruit salad with almonds every morning I'd suggest switching that for veggies so that your meal meets the template for starters. Fruit should not be pushing the veggies off of your plate.

Then you say you're having more fruit & nuts for any snacks - so that looks like a lot of fruit & nuts to me... Snacking is discouraged so I'd suggest upping the contents of your meals so you no longer feel the need to snack, and if you are genuinely hungry try for something different - say a few bites of chicken & some olives.

The nuts look to be the culprit to me, and the naturally occuring sugars in the fruit can be troublesome too when eaten in quantity.

Is the onion raw? If so maybe avoid that for a day or two as well, and make sure you're getting enough water.

Other than that you could try adding in some fermented foods like sauerkraut or kombucha, or a digestive enzyme, particularly if you're not used to so much animal protein.

Hope this helps!

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